How I tried to convince my husband to have children

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 16, 2020

“Everybody has kids, but I don’t.” This is a sentiment shared by many women. For Olga Bushkova, she turned her personal struggle into a published diary.

Unlike many women who sadly cannot have children, Olga could. The problem was that her husband was not willing to father her children…yet. All her life, she wanted to be a mother and naturally thought that after getting married, having their first child would be a no-brainer. Her husband, on the other hand, never thought to have children and was entitled to his own opinion: Mother’s are dumb and children would ruin her life.

Their conversations at home were playfully offensive. The topic of having children never came up before nuptials were said in 2008, so the path to conceiving a family became very difficult with each birth control pill she had to swallow as a commitment to the agreement she made with her husband – to follow her dream to become a photographer and to publish a photobook. Olga decided to start a journal documenting her journey and do just that; but to his surprise, the focal point of her project was all about…children.

Who is Olga?
Her mother gave birth to her at 22 years old and she grew up in Rostov-on-Don, Russia where she graduated from the local university with a Masters in Applied Maths. She met her husband and married in 2008 and at 20 years of age, she too wanted children. In 2011, her husband was offered a position to work for the Google offices in Zurich and as a trailing spouse, she began to pursue her passion for photography and journaling. Since 2013, she has produced more than 200 virtual tours around Zurich with Google Street View technology and she even published her first photobook, A Google Wife and at the age of 29, she desperately wanted to have her first child. The first version of her book How I tried to convince my husband to have children was drafted in 2015, finalized in 2017 and ready for publishing 2020…maybe there is a silver lining to this story afterall.

The Kickstarter Campaign
In order to publish the book by June 2020, Olga launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise CHF 12,900 and they have already reached 43% of their goal! The funds are dedicated to cover printing and publishing costs of the book which will be 320 pages filled with 100 images, a dust jacket transparent plastic foil cover measuring 13 x 15 cm. For CHF 37, you can pre-order the book and have it delivered by summer.

The Gift
The beautiful silver lining to this story is that Olga and Mischa now have a 2.5 year old boy who can one day enjoy reading through his mother’s journey. Every 4 pages of the book is separated by an image of a contraceptive package getting emptier between all the documented conversations between this young couple who endure a dramatic, emotional and irrational struggle filled with love and life long goals that fortunately, come to fruition.

Birdhaus Member Stories:

Did you know? She’s also a Birdhaus member.
We love a birdcage filled with friendly birds and plenty of action. When Olga mentioned she is a Birdhaus member, we had to get the scoop as to what she loves about this social club and co-working space for women.

Member Since: September 2019

What she loves about Birdhaus: She knew about the space for a long time before she had the courage to join as a member. It started with a virtual tour she created for the location and she realized she loved not only the beautiful space, but also the people.

How she uses Birdhaus: Since she has her own atelier, she visits Birdhaus 1-2x per week. The social space has been instrumental in helping her enjoy lunches with like-minded women rather than sit alone eating while looking at her phone as many of us do. It was also a nice surprise that she found herself test-pitching ideas, always improving how she presents herself while also learning about others.

How the Birdhaus network has helped her: Just the other day, Olga learned some graphic design tips from a neighborly Birdhaus member, as well as some social media encouragement. There are members who are always willing to help, you just need to understand clearly what you need, then simply ask around because people are ready to help. She also says, “Just to see Ana at Birdhaus is very powerful. Every time I meet her I feel as though I am stepping forward into reaching my own goals.” Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps of inspiration?

Learn more about Birdhaus. A social club and workspace for women where you can support YOURSELF. YOUR TRIBE. YOUR PLANET.




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