Hôtel Bourbon opens in Zürich

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 10, 2020

When the cool kid moves from Paris to New York’s East Village and is high on life, he invites all his friends into his loft to celebrate. This is the vibe you will find at the new Hôtel Bourbon, opening today.

A Kick Ass Team

During this unfortunate time in our modern history when 25% of restaurants are expected to close their doors, this group is opening the 5th restaurant in their portfolio. The founders of The Bite, Brisket, Yardbird and LA Brea put their quarantine time to good use by keeping their team safe, afloat and busy working on this innovative concept in the heart of Zurich’s Niederdorf.

A Twist of Fate

The most intriguing collaborations are a blend of old vs young and this 12th century guild house: Zunfthaus zur Letzi approached the innovative team behind VMHG to transform their traditional restaurant and guild house “Turm” on Napfplatz into the new Hôtel Bourbon where classic French cuisine meets the New Yorker lifestyle…seriously chill but with high expectations.

The Art

Local artist Jerry Kueng is the visionary behind everything from the logo to the artwork adorning the walls. He’s the creative genius who sketches in some Nikes on King Louis XIV, adds a blindfold and bottle of wine to the Mona Lisa and spray paints a plea from Tupac to Call the Cops.

This is the place where you want to meet a friend for a glass of wine, and stay for a damn good meal complete with another full bottle from the cellar.

The Menu

Beyond the exquisite classics, a French restaurant is often associated with a stiff atmosphere that is über expensive and too rich for modern taste preferences. The new Hôtel Bourbon welcomes a very classically trained French chef from Lyon – Head Chef Paul Cottanceau-Pocard – who has made palates dance at the Sydney Opera House, before moving to the Bahamas, Philippines and ultimately Guatemela to help open a restaurant and train the kitchen brigade. This was until he decided to explore options closer to home. His wealth of experience and out-of-the-box creativity is what puts dishes like the East Village pâté en croute on the menu to surprise diners with it’s smoked beef brisket and pastrami spice blend.

His open minded and progressive culinary approach to old French classics continue on the menu with a traditional roast chicken served with a spicy chimichurri, an 18-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder for two paired with southern grits made with figs and feta, or a Hot Dog in Paris complete with toulouse sausage, brioche bun and American-style mustard. We’re particularly excited for the fresh tartare options and the Petit Tender served with Miso Bérnaise. For all our vegan friends, there are some thoughtful seasonal options, including lots of bacon (just kidding).

The Hotel

Well…it’s not a hotel and management kindly asks that you don’t sit naked on the furniture. However, you simply have to gluttonously enjoy yourself with a good sense of humor because they don’t mind if you stay overnight.


Hôtel Bourbon
Obere Zäune 19, 8001 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 43 251 20 20


Photos: Andrea Monica Hug

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