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Help Save Ron Orp!

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 16, 2018

It’s Friday. Which means Ron Orp’s newsletter is coming out filled with fun, cool and top secret things to do this weekend. But they need YOUR help…otherwise this might be one of the last Friday City Tip Treats we get from then! 

It’s true ladies. Ron Orp has been providing awesome concert, food, event, culture and all things great tips for 10 years. But as much as they love cranking out the newsletters, there are bills to be paid and the English version of their newsletter will not exist in 2019 IF they don’t reach their Crowdfunding target.

They’ve created an online campaign and are asking for your help to support their editorial team and expenses.

As we are HUGE fans of Ron Orp, admire their dedication and are always impressed with their diverse source of news, we were beyond sad to hear about their potential exit. The English speaking world of Zurich would not be the same without them!

Although we haven’t met Ron himself (has anyone??!!), we did get an insider scoop Q&A with one of our friends over at Ron Orp. Check it out ladies…

When & why was Ron Orp originally created? 

Ron Orp English was created 10 years ago to fulfill a need in Zurich. Zurich has a lot of expats, who are usually new to the city and would like to get to know it better, and Ron Orp knows the city intimately and loves to share his knowledge. It seemed like a match made in heaven, or at least in Zürich.

What type of information can people find on your website & weekly newsletter? 

In the weekly newsletter, Ron shares the latest and greatest tips and events of what’s going on in the city, this can include everything from a cool club night, an exciting concert, pop-up restaurant, or the latest gallery opening.  The website is curated more by the Ron Orp English community who can let everyone know about their own events or tips for going out, and it also has a large online market place where they can advertise more or less anything.

Who is Ron Orp and why is the platform named after him? 

Ron Orp is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and then dipped in glitter. He’s that knowing friend you call on when you’re looking for something new and fun to do, or have friends visiting and need to impress them. The platform is personally curated by him, so it would seem rude not to name it after him.

You know so many cool things in the city. Can you share a tip for a: 

– Rainy Day?...Zurich sports several saunas and hamams, which are great to visit when it’s grey and cold

– Swiss Christmas Gift? …Let’s narrow it down to specialties from Zurich. We had Swiss author Martin Walker recommended the following gifts in a guest column. 

– Romantic Date Night? …I compiled a list of kissing corners (all personally tested by Ron), with places and venues that provide a great setting for a romantic night. Here you go: 

What’s the Rooftop Day all about?…Zurich has so many wonderful roof terraces, but only a few people have access to them. So we thought: let’s open them up to everybody for one day. All the fantastic Ronsters who have a roof terrace can apply, and they usually organise something to do on it like a party, yoga or a relaxing grill. A summer party for everyone, basically.

Since Ron Orp English was 1st created what big changes have you seen in the city? …Good question, as the city is changing constantly. One big change is certainly the club scene. 10 years ago, the majority of parties were pretty underground,  and only accessible if you were on the right mailing list or knew the right person. Or if you knew Ron’s newsletter, of course.

Help Save Ron Orp ladies!!! 

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