Hazelnut Cream Smiles with Mövenpick

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 4, 2020

Surprise your family with the new hazelnut crème spreads from Mövenpick.

Move over Nutella, we are in love with the new trio of hazelnut crème spreads from Mövenpick.

Whole hazelnuts are roasted, ground and flavored with three delicious options: Nut Nougat, Nut & Milk, and Nut & Cocoa. You can feel good about serving these to your family for a special treat because they are free of palm oil, and without the addition of colors and preservatives.

Discerning connoisseurs are familiar with the quality ingredients found in Mövenpick ice cream and confiture, a particular favorite due to their higher-than-average amount of real fruit in each jar. In line with expectations, their new hazelnut cream spreads are processed to perfection:

  1. Pure hazelnuts. Whole Italian and Turkish hazelnuts are used, not a paste that can be found in competing spreads.
  2. Delicate roasting. The oils are released and the full flavor is developed by a roasting master for this important step.
  3. Ground with intention. Once ready, the whole roasted hazelnuts are ground particularly fine within 24 hours to guarantee freshness, without loss of flavor.
  4. Folding in the flavor. Next, they are carefully processed with the remaining ingredients such as fine cocoa from Ghana, the Ivory Coast or Tanzania. Conching cocoa with hazelnuts and other ingredients is known from the art of chocolate making and Mövenpick are masters at this.
  5. Delivering happiness. In each jar, you are guaranteed find spoonfuls of smiles!

The new Mövenpick hazelnut crèams are available for a short time at Denner, Spar and Otto’s for the suggested retail price of CHF 3.95.


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