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Fun in Flumserberg

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on October 3, 2017

3 more weeks left of Summer Season fun at our backyard mountain Flumserberg await you.

With the quick & easy S2 delivering you in just over an hour, ladies, let’s lace up the hiking boots, dabble on the sunscreen and have some mountain style fun!

Adrenaline Seekers

Offering 3 thrilling activities, we are stoked to try out the…

– CLiiMBER. Fly & Climb…Fly & Climb…Fly & Climb! After getting your gear on and guided instructions from a staff member, spend 2+ hours at this adventure activity challenging you with its 700-meter zip lines, a 15-meter high ascension and 100 climbing stations. Unique to this CLiiMBER, there’s 3 levels and a viewing station so kids 4+ can have a go at the entry level and the “I’m terrified of heights crowd” can use the stairs to peacefully watch without even strapping on equipment.

Zuri Girl Tip: Be sure to dress appropriately for this activity. Jewlery (rings) and skirts are not allowed. Hats & sunglasses could fall while climbing so better to stick with sunscreen as protection – this area is known by locals as the Sun Arena.

Zuri Mom Tip: 10 minutes from the CLiiMBER, there’s a ready-to fire it up grill with wood & newspapers so you’ll only need to bring the matches & food. OR opt for the self-service newly built restaurant at Prodalp (with playground close by!).

Toboggan. The FLOMZER Toboggan is 2kilometers, 3 loops, 2 tunnels, countless curves, bridges and waves over 250 metres difference in height. Cars can fit 2 people and kids starting at age 3 can ride.

Zuri Mom Tip: Travel via cable car to Maschgenkamm, “bribe” the kiddos with an easy 2-hour hike to the Toboggan starting point.  Getting in some exercise for you and a fun prize at the end for all!

Biking TrailsOpened just over a year, this downhill sport has gained popularity as fast as it’s 2 wheels will allow. Easily rent your equipment at the BikerShop at Tannenheim, take the Prodalp-Express 12-seater gondola cable car up 7 minutes and then cycle down the family / beginner BlueSalamander Trail (anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes) …OR…Slickster cyclists can opt for the Red BikerTrails RedFox and RedRock which starts 1939 meters above sea level and travels up to 3.7 kilometers.

Of course, there’s always hiking when a mountain is in site so that’s always an option too. Pick up an English / German map when arriving and ask the multi-lingual staff for help planning a route that’s best for you.

Mountain Top Brunch

Every Sunday Panoramarestaurant Maschgenkamm at Flumserberg’s highest summer point dazzles you with not only a delicious brunch, but 360 degree views to go with it! The buffet served until 2pm comes at a franc savvy price of CHF 29 per person and kids pay CHF 1.60 / year of age.

Typical Swiss Sunday Specialities like Birchermüesli and Butterzopf plus mountain favorites like Älplermaggronen with Apfelmus await your Instagram photo opp…the only tricky part is figuring out how to fit the plate & the view in the picture!

Sleep Under the Stars 

Something you really can’t do everyday, ladies…an overnight at the SAC Hut! After a 2 hour hike, you’re completely secluded from the rest of the world, sharing a non-traditional hotel experience with about 50 guests at the Spitzmeilenhütte. With limited electricity, no heat, BYOB (Bring your own blanket) and cold-water showers, this experience is what memories are made of!

Bring on the Snow!

Before we know it, winter will be here and Flumserberg is open for skiing as soon as conditions are right (in 2016 they opend on the 12th of November)

With 65 kilometers of blue, red & black slopes, you can ski downhill, snowboard, cross country ski and hike your winter blues away. For newbies, pre-reserve lessons super close to the Tannenboden Station with professional multi-lingual instructors and try the franc savvy free magic carpet to get in the groove.

Zuri Girl Tip: Book online a discounted snow & rail train & ski ticket including a 15% discount at Intersport

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