From LA MER to Formettā – Doctors who Demand Change

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on April 30, 2021

When a doctor develops a product out of personal need, it is guaranteed to be superior to anything else on the market. This article explores the parallels between two products I love that offer the highest quality combination of ingredients to complete our external and internal skincare requirements, allowing us to age gracefully.

Beyond Luxury: LA MER

As a little girl visiting my grandmother’s home in Encino, CA I absolutely loved the scent of her skincare products, LA MER. As time passed, I never realized the powerful history or constitution of these elixirs until I took the time to watch the Live IG Talk hosted by my favorite Swiss-based fashionista Sandra Bauknecht and celebrity makeup artist and LA MER ambassador Mary Phillips.

            @maryphillips | @sandrascloset

Immediately, childhood memories began to flourish and a strong desire to preserve a youthful glow with only the best was solidified as my 40th birthday approaches. Take, for example, LA MER and it’s legendary Miracle Broth™ formula that serves as the cornerstone to the world’s most coveted and luxurious products for flawless skin.*

If you are not familiar with the history, 40 years ago, Dr. Max Huber (an Aerospace Physicist) was in search for a cure for his scarred face after suffering burns from a lab accident. While finding nothing resilient enough to heal his own skin, and inspired by the power of the sea, he developed a 3-month fermentation process to transform sea kelp and other pure ingredients into an elixir that was perfected after 12 years and more than 6,000 experiments. Today, Crème de la Mer offers the highest quality combination of ingredients on the external skincare market.

If you do not know where to begin when diving into the deep sea of LA MER, listen to the recommendations from Mary Phillips and Sandra herself. From my experience, the concentrates are the most important because they are…well, highly-concentrated options of the Miracle Broth™. As it turned out, LA MER products at Marionnaud were 30% off that day, so the perfect pre-birthday package was clicked and collected at the nearest store to avoid any risk of the package not showing up at my doorstep. Did you know that you can also organize a “live consultation” with a beauty advisor at the Marionnaud shop? Simply click the button on their website to call them from your phone or computer…they can not see you, but you can see them and ask questions and see products as if you were right there in the boutique.

Some recommendations include:

The Treatment Lotion
Hydrates and prepares the skin with it’s “liquid energy” in a bottle

The Eye Concentrate
Triple the Concentrated Miracle Broth™

The Concentrate
An antioxidant powerhouse to strengthen and tone

The Renewal Oil
Let’s just call this “Liquid Gold”

Crème de la Mer
Available in four consistencies to suit your skin type


Formettā: Beauty Grows from Within

Internally, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body; however, collagen levels decline after the age of 25 and as we get older, our body breaks down collagen faster than we can produce it.

Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention and similar to the history of Dr. Max Huber of LA MER, Swiss-based Dr. Vanessa Craig demanded perfection from the collagen formulation she was willing to consume and she simply could not find an option that was ethically produced or able to deliver any of the listed benefits on the packaging, so she created the superior collagen supplement herself.

Read more: Formettā is the Fountain of Youth

More than a decade of research into cancer and epigenetics led Formettā founder, biomedical researcher, and scientist Dr. Vanessa Craig to create this daily collagen supplement. Each sachet is filled with the highest quality combination of ingredients made for consumption to improve your skin, hair, bones, joints and even the lining of your digestive tract which is made up of collagen. From experience, she knows the importance of supplementing wisely, particularly since we simply can not consume enough collagen from our diet to replenish the deficit.

Another reason Dr. Vanessa Craig was determined to develop her own collagen supplement for personal consumption was because she discovered and exposes the dirty little marketing tricks behind the collagen supplement industry. For example, Vitamin C is a huge component of both collagen synthesis and antioxidant protection, yet most popular collagen supplements on the market offer a synthetic version of Vitamin C or a simple grape juice concentrate rather than the pure extract, so you are essentially not receiving any value from these products. With Formettā, you are receiving Vitamin C in the form of organic Acerola cherries, one of the richest natural sources of this essential nutrient. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant found in nature that is known to science, due to it’s ability to neutralize free radicals with potent inflammatory properties. It is most commonly found in micro-algae, shrimp and pacific salmon and is what gives the fish (and Formettā) this pinkish color which is both beautiful and delicious.

There is absolutely nothing unnecessary in the formulation – no fillers, synthetics or preservatives and it is free of GMO’s, gluten, lactose, soy and sugar. Contrary to some marketing claims, vegan-collagen is a falsehood and Formettā offers high-quality, German-produced collagen peptides from bovine hide and complimentary ingredients in meaningful amounts. With 10g of protein and just 61 calories in each daily sachet, Formettā is an effective addition to your morning routine to ensure graceful aging from the inside out.

A Household Name: Formettā

In Sanskrit, Mettā means benevolence, loving kindness, goodwill and an interest in others. Many of us treat others far better than we treat ourselves, and with the message behind Fromettā we are able to begin our day with a foundation of kindness for ourselves first, so we can continue to overflow our kindness to others in the form of unconditional love For yourself, For others, For Mettā.



*Editors Note: Coming from a background of luxury spa management with experience testing thousands of products, I find LA MER to offer the best active moisturizing skincare on the market, but it is not a complete solution as they do not specialize in deep exfoliating treatments such as glycolic acids, retinols or sunscreens which can be purchased at our favorite local spa, Pure Beauty, or in higher percentages at medical-grade aesthetic clinics. For a complete skincare ritual, I also prefer to use the “Queen of all cleansers” the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, available alongside Formettā, at Pure Beauty Spa in Zurich


**Photos courtesy of the brands. This is not a sponsored post.

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