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GG Zurich posted on April 5, 2018

She shares her Little Zurich Kitchen with us.

Inspired by her life of travels and her desire to understand different cultures, Franziska Wick focuses on writing recipes to capture the “Swiss life” in her blog, Little Zurich Kitchen. While spending most of her time with her family and taking care of her two kids, Franziska inspires other moms to be just like her. Fun, creative, and extremely motivated.  We caught up with Franziska to see what makes her tick!

Job Related

GG: What, or who, inspired you to create your blog?
Franziska Wick:  My travels around the world inspired me as well as my desire to understand foreign cultures, and realizing how difficult it is to dive deeply into a foreign culture. I wanted to help people understand my own Swiss culture.

GG: Tell us about your latest projects…what are you working on at the moment?
Franziska Wick: I’m focusing on writing recipes and my ‘food in the cantons’ series. But I’m also working on a food related business plan and my return to the work environment next year when my youngest starts kindergarten – I’m super excited!



GG: Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Franziska Wick: I know lots and lots of people and am on the go all day long but I’m actually a complete introvert who needs a lot of time by myself, reading a book or watching tv.

GG: How do you spend your day?
Franziska Wick: My day starts after six o’clock when my girls wake me up and want their breakfast. One then goes to kindergarten, the other one is at home with me every day. Other than an hour after lunch when they watch a bit of tv I don’t really get a minute to myself, we’re always on the go, and the time we’re at home we mostly spend cooking or baking! The kids love it too and are quite good at it given their young age. During the weekend we enjoy family time with daddy, we love spending time outdoors. Campfires in the forest are our favourite thing to do as a family.


Local Tips

GG: Tell us about you out on the town…any favorite restaurants or boutiques that we should check out?
Franziska Wick: For a relaxing sunny afternoon I’d take a stroll through the beautiful Rieter Park, enjoy a coffee outdoors in front of Museum Rietberg and then have a wander around the museum. I also love having drinks at Frau Gerold’s Garten, overlooking the train tracks. Läderach is my favorite chocolate shop and I love the Einzigart shop at Rennweg that sells beautiful everyday products. The items are of good quality and not cheap, and the shop only stocks a selected amount of products, which makes it such an antidote to today’s throwaway society. Spending time in that shop has a greatly calming effect on me.

GG: Favorite restaurant/cafe in Zurich?
Franziska Wick: I’m not spending much time in restaurants these days, but one of my favorites would be the Hermannseck because it’s in my old neighbourhood, Wiedikon, and because it’s a reflection of myself – it’s down-to-earth, friendly and serving great Swiss food. We had our wedding dinner there and have fond memories about that place.

GG: Favorite place to visit in Switzerland?
Franziska Wick: That’s a very difficult one. Switzerland is so small, yet so beautiful and diverse. I might tend to chose Ticino’s Verzasca Valley, a truly magical place – a hike, a dinner in one of the small Grottos and then an overnight stay in a remote cottage would be the perfect weekend for me.


GG: How do you keep organized?
Franziska Wick: My life is rather chaotic at the moment due to the little time I have to myself and two small kids who make it impossible to keep the house tidy. What keeps me sane are lists – the app Wunderlist on my phone, lists in my paper notebook and a list on a whiteboard foil on the fridge.

GG: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
Franziska Wick: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” (Mark Twain)



GG: Other favorite bloggers to follow: food/fashion/news?
Franziska Wick: My favorite local blog is Moms Tots Zurich, a great source of inspiration for making the most of the Swiss outdoors, no matter whether you have kids or not. I also admire Switzerland-based Iida and her blog Thoughtscapism, who challenges common beliefs with the help of science. Thanks to her I’ve learned for example that pesticides aren’t necessarily a bad thing and that the discussion about GMO is too biased towards the negative. As for food blogs, there are so many wonderful food blogs out there. One of my favorites is Red House Spice, a beautiful blog about real Chinese food as it’s cooked in China.

GG: What advice would you give to your younger self?
Franziska Wick: Don’t listen to what other people think about your life. Be brave and follow your gut feeling, not your mind!


Little Zurich Kitchen

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