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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 1, 2019

The sneaky fox is at it again, this time with 2 new scavenger hunt destinations in the Graubünden.

Our Foxy Encounters:
We first experienced Foxtrail Zurich in 2015, then Foxtrail Lenzerheide in 2017…which was the first mountain trail added to the Foxtrail family. Now with Flims Laax Falera and Davos Klosters, there are 2 new destinations with 5 imaginative trails to help you escape to the mountains within a short distance from Zurich.

The Puzzles:
Whether you are enjoying the Foxtrail with colleagues as a team building exercise, with friends or with family…it could be helpful to look at clues through the eyes of a child. Many interactive puzzles can be found at ground or knee-high level. We really enjoy the intelligent brain teasers, for example, with a little creativity you will decipher the phone number needed to send a text message using just the clue and your knowledge of a tic-tac-toe sign….Shhh, that’s all we can tell you!

Who is the Fox?
He is imaginative, sneaky, cunning and full of humor. He also has friends in high and low places who will guide you to your next clue…including a futuristic robot or cute little mouse. He loves exploring new destinations with childlike curiosity and he wants you to trek off the beaten path to learn local secrets and cultural highlights.

Foxtrail Flims Laax Falera

There are three new trails to choose from, and you also have the option to combine 2 trails into one long adventure.
Funtauna-Flims – 2 hours through the village
Truccas-Laax – 1-1.5 hours through the forest
Tschiel-Felara – 1-1.5 hours through an archeological place of worship

After the Foxtrail experience, we stayed overnight in the rocksresort Laax. The single room was standard size, and connected to one of 143 apartments available which we unfortunately did not see, but we heard families really enjoy staying in the apartments to take full advantage of the kitchens and generous size for children to spread out and relax after a day filled with activities. Beyond the room, we absolutely loved the cafes, restaurants and outdoor play area with trampolines, go-carts, swings and slides! For families with younger children, this destination is a dream come true in summer or in winter. A local expert shared a secret with us that we are allowed to pass along…reserve your mountain chalet now to enjoy the Alpine Cattle Descent in September as it is crowned the best in Switzerland.

Foxtrail Davos Klosters

There are two new trails in Davos, with an option to combine both trails into a long adventure:
Davos Cuolm: 1-1.5 hours through the enchanted mountains
Davos Strinuau: 1-1.5 hours through the village
Davos Cuolm-Strinuau: 2.5-3 hours from village to mountains

The fox has heard a rumor that Thomas Mann wrote his novel “The Magic Mountain” in Davos in a secret library and you will enjoy following your nose to discover some creative clues about Davos. What we enjoyed most about this visit is that there is so much to do beyond corporate meetings…with “Davos Active” there are over 70 activities with more than 800 experiences available for visitors to enjoy all summer long. From making your own chocolate to pony rides for the children, these activities are all FREE for the remainder of 2019.

After completing this new Foxtrail, we were warmly welcomed by the Hardrock Hotel Davos. While we were a bit nervous checking in with a child, our fears were quickly resolved and we were incredibly pleased with the in-room bathtub (ask for room #301), generous breakfast buffet and delicious Wagu Beef Burger in the restaurant. The fish & sweet potato chips were a perfect option on the child’s dinner menu…and if you have teenagers, they are going to LOVE the fact that you can take an electric guitar up to your room.

Overall, we can highly recommend both locations as an excellent excuse to get out of the city and explore the mountains as a weekend getaway from Zurich. Beyond skiing and hiking, there are many activities to do throughout the year and Foxtrail just made these two destinations very interactive and enticing!

Who is the Fox? It is a mystery, but our 4 year old on the trail
pointed to this guy at rocksresort Laax and said he found our sneaky fox!

Play with the city.

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