Formettā is the Fountain of Youth

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 3, 2020

This is what happens when a molecular oncologist cannot find anti-aging products she personally wants to consume. We sat down with Dr. Vanessa Craig to explore why Formettā will soon be a household name.

There are so many collagen supplements on the market, but did you know the dirty little secrets behind marketing techniques that make you part with your money in exchange for poor quality ingredients touted to be the answers to your aging woes? It takes an insider with ethics to expose the sham and demand better.

Graceful Aging

With every breath, we are aging. The luxury of aging gracefully begins internally with our thoughts, beliefs and actions. It is no secret that when we feel good, we are able to radiate the joy we possess inside. Externally, we have learned through scientific research that only 20% of biological aging is genetically determined…the rest is up to us!

“The luxury of aging gives the opportunity to look back, reflect on life, make amends and rebuild relationships. Aging gives us the distance of time and maturity to go back” -Dr. Vanessa Craig.

Functional Food

If we thought about the function of everything we allowed to enter our mouth, would we allow admission to our internal fun-park, otherwise known as the circulatory system that is delivering nutrients (or lack thereof) to all the cells in our body?

Quality without Compromise

Using only high-quality collagen peptides and well-researched ingredients to combat age-related concerns, you will discover the Formettā difference. On the list of ingredients, you will find no synthetics, fillers or preservatives. There are also no GMO’s, gluten, lactose, soy and absolutely no sugar. You see, sugar is evil when it comes to collagen as it simply destroys it rapidly! Most supplements available in stores have sugar byproducts which essentially cancel out the benefits of collagen! Moreso, they are supported by heavy advertising campaigns and look great with dozens of vitamins listed, but it’s scientifically impossible to formulate these products at the right dosage that is beneficial to the body. As an example, many products offer a synthetic version of Vitamin C or grape juice concentrate rather than the pure extract, so you are essentially not receiving any value from these products.

Supplement Wisely

When a Dr. encourages you to replace supplements with real food, and supplement wisely merely with ingredients that are delivered in meaningful doses to support the body’s needs in ways we simply otherwise cannot due to geographic location and our modern diet. The reason we need to add collagen to our diet is because we simply do not receive sufficient amounts. Collagen is the glue that holds the body together and is the most abundant protein that strengthens our:

by encouraging hair growth, reducing hair loss and even greying.

by keeping our eyes strong and making up 90% of the sclera (white part)

by reinforcing the protein constituent in our nail beds

from the inside out, since 75% of our skin is collagen

Internal Organs
by providing structural integrity and is believed to strengthen internal linings.

Soft Tissue
by delivering added stability to joint cartilage, tendons and ligaments, all made up of more than 70% collagen.

A Household Name: Formettā

In Sanskrit, Mettā means benevolence, loving kindness, goodwill and an interest in others. Many of us treat others far better than we treat ourselves, and with the message behind Fromettā we are able to begin our day with a foundation of kindness for ourselves first, so we can continue to overflow our kindness to others in the form of unconditional love For yourself, For others, For Mettā.


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