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Foreign Food Shopping

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 1, 2012

Sometimes finding your favorite foods or a must-have item in a foreign country is more than just a question of “What’s That Called?, but more often a question of “Where can I find that?”. Although Swiss grocery stores can have a variety of items, lucky for you we’ve found some hidden treasures where you can find the rest of your international food needs.

Not only are they well known for having high fashion, Globus and Jelmoli are great places to find a variety of international food products. Their delicatessens and gourmet markets offer many international food options from all over the world.

Other markets we know you will find just what you are looking for:

foreign food shopping


The British Cheese Centre
Located at the Viadukt Market six days a week and at the Zurich Hauptbahnhof Specialty Food Market from 10.00-20.00 almost every Wednesday and at many other retailers, markets and events around Switzerland. Their center and on-line shop offer the best selection of British cheeses this side of the Channel.
Limmatstrasse 231, 8005 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel: +41 79 248 9191


The Pie Shop
The Pie Shop produces a variety of savory pies and Cornish pastries at two locations in Zurich and for their on-line shop. They also make homemade apple pies, cupcakes and other desserts. Insider Tip: Their chocolate chip cookies are some of the best we’ve ever tasted!
Rotbuchstrasse 1a, 8006 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel: +41 44 350 04 17

Limmatstrasse 231, 8005 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel: +41 43 366 92 52


Aggarwal: Fine Continental Food
Aggarwal has two locations in Zurich city and offers rice, lentils, beans, flour, spices, dips, beverages, fresh vegetables, fruits and fish from all over the world. They specialize in Asia and African foods, particularly Indian and Sri Lankan. Brands like Thai, Paras, Afric and MDH are among the 700+ products they offer.
Kernstrasse 27, 8804 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel: +41 44 240 06 70

Langstrasse 62, 8004 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel: +41 44 241 28 79


Lian Hua
Brown Sugar, Edamame, Root Beer & more…A few of the trickier items to find in Zurich are available at the Asian Lebensmittel, Lian Hua.  Explore packed aisles of noodles, rice, spices, sauces, marinades, vegetables, frozen fish and pre-made vegetable dumplings and garlic naan bread.  Prices are comparably good and many products come in larger sizes so you can easily stock up on your favorites.  Enjoy some fresh Dim Sum, often found near checkout.
Birmensdorferstrasse 94, 8003 Zurich (map)
No Website . Tel: +41 44 450 31 88 ?


Chiang Mai Thai Shop
Best of both worlds…Chiang Mai is a takeaway and grocery shop!  It offers a range of Thai products including 2 well-stocked freezers, fresh produce, and a few aisles of spices, marinades, soups, crackers, noodles, dips, sauces, pastes and many more flavorful ingredients (not found at Coop or Migros) designed to spice up your meal! Also serving hot and fresh Thai meals for takeaway, with a few, casual tables inside, you’ll find the portions are plentiful and prices are inexpensive (by Zurich standards). Especially considering the fresh, delicious taste, this place is priceless!
Josefstrasse 13, 8005 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 44 271 82 52


El Maiz
All you needs from “south of the border” can be found here. El Maiz is a very colorful shop full of all things Mexican. From tequila to piñatas, you’re sure to find the exact ingredients and finishing touches for your next Mexican fiesta. Visit their store to purchase products like horchata syrup, refried beans, chilies and tamales or order on-line.
Josefstrasse 23, 8005 Zürich (map)
Website. Tel. +41 44 440 58 40


EGE Import Export
Stock up on your Turkish and Middle Eastern food cravings here. Quite possibly Zurich’s largest selection of delicious mezze platter offerings for a casual apero or easy dinner. Although Zuri Girl prefers fresh hummous, the canned offerings at EGE Import Export are acceptable to satisfy the craving, and the butcher offers a nice selection of pre-seasoned meats. Don’t forget to grab some fresh bread and check out their large selection of olives, spices and feta cheese varieties. Be careful not to over indulge on your sweet tooth craving, as all those delicious Turkish pastries are adjacent to the cash register for easy ordering!
Josefstrasse 53, 8005 Zurich (map)
No Website . Tel: +41 44 271 80 30


Beat Heuberger Weine & Gewür
“The hottest shop in Switzerland” is where Beat Heugerger roasts and mixes his spices. Be sure to visit his website and on-line shop for a full list of events like wine tasting, spice and sauce sampling, chili hot sauce tasting and more.

Morgartenstrasse 12, 8004 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel. +41 44 281 11 61


Asia Store
With three locations around Zurich, Asia Store does not leave you wanting. One of the best things about their website are the easy recipes they offer for some of your favorite Asian dishes. Sushi, salads, noodles and even Chinese Fondue are some of selections you will find. And to make the prep work easier, Asia Store carries most the items needed for the recipes they recommend. Not to mention they also have root beer and ginger beer.

Konradstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich (map) Tip: look for the stairs to the first underground level of the train station. The shop’s down there on your right.
Website. Tel. +41 44 211 44 34

Affolternstrasse 10, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon (map)
Website. Tel. +41 43 288 98 33

Zentralstrasse 2, 8953 Dietikon (map)
Website. Tel. +41 43 495 02 22


New Asia Market
Grocery store with an abundance of Asian brands of noodles, rice, drinks, wine, canned goods, soups, frozen foods and magazines.  The aisles are long and plentiful with numerous options, ingredients and necessities for your Asian cuisine. Visit their on-line shop for the same great variety of brands like Golden Diamond, Aroy-D, Flower Brand and Kikkoman.

Feldstrasse 24, 8004 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel. +41 44 241 80 00


Nishi Japanese Delicacy
Japanese soups, seasonings, sundries and sauces can be found in this shop or at their on-line product directory. Looking to make homemade sushi? Nishi carries all you need and the fish to go with it. Nishi Japanese Delicacy promises to delight customers who love Japanese food or are just interested in Japan.
Schaffhauserstrasse 120, 8057 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel. +41 44 362 38 92


Das Holländische Lädeli
The Dutch Shop of Switzerland offers all your typical needs from The Netherlands, including the famous Stroopwafels, Liquorice and Hagelslag. Visit their shop on the second level of the Aldiswil train station or order on-line.
Florastrasse 10, 8134 Adliswil (map)
Website. Tel. +41 76 222 66 57


Wholesale and retail provider of 100% imported Greek goods. Feta cheese, olives, yogurt, fish, wine and desserts are just some of the specialties THRAKI has in stock. Visit their warehouse or website to view available products and to place an order.
Gaswerkstrasse 2a, 8952 Schlieren (map)
Website. Tel. +41 43 495 03 15


Fermo International Food
Fresh, frozen and specialty foods from all over Africa, Asia, the Balkans, Portugal, South America, Arab countries and many more.
Wehntalerstrasse 530, 8046 Zurich-Affoltern (map)
Website. Tel. +41 43 960 11 06


Halk Pazari
This Turkish “public market” has one of the largest selections of Turkish and eastern foods that we know of in Zurich. Along with fresh and dry goods, they have an impressive selection of frozen goods. They don’t just have a frozen foods aisle; they have a frozen foods room! So if you are looking to buy something on ice, be sure to bring a jacket with you.
Tramstrasse 10, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon (map)
Website. Tel. +41 44 310 39 66


India Supermarkt Maharajah
Although less than two small aisles line this shop, the shelves are jammed packed with flavors of Indian cooking. For the “make from scratch” chefs, you have your pick of fresh and dry spices as well as a varied selection of exotic fruits and veggies. For the make “meals in 10 minute chefs”, you are also in luck with an abundance of pre-made marinades, sauces and spice mixes. Zuri Girl finds their garlic ginger paste cures weekday night dinner dilemmas! And for fish lovers, half the shop is a row long filled with fresh whole fish (vegetarians look with caution).
Josefstrasse 91, 8005 Zurich (map)
Tel. +41 43 366 98 44



American Market Genève and Nyon
Although they call themselves an “American Market”, this shop also offers a selection of British, Canadian and Mexican goods in two different locations and on-line. Although in a small space, these shops offer all that their American counterparts do and then some!
3 Rue de Neuchâtel, 1201 Geneva (map)
Website. Tel. +41 22 732 32 00

8 Rue Juiste Olivier, 1260 Nyon (map)
Website. Tel. +41 22 362 49 05


Mullum Australia
As the “first real Australian shop in Switzerland”, Mullum Australia offers heaps of goods from Down Under. Clothing from R.M. Williams, musical instruments, books and of course Vegemite and other foods are just some of what can be found in their shop and on-line.
Halsgasse 29, 8640 Rapperswil (map)
Website. Tel. +41 55 211 22 62



American Food Avenue
This on-line store has a generous selection of American products for a variety of occasions and holidays. Be sure to check out their sales page for the latest discounted items.
Website. Tel. +41 22 700 78 23


Taste of America
When ordering 50 SFr. or more worth of breakfast foods, baking mixes and supplies, lunch and dinner foods, desserts or snacks, Taste of America makes it easy to have some of your favorite things.
Website. Tel. +41 43 495 61 85


Real Goods International Imports
Your on-line market for when you are ordering in large quantities. We love that most items are discounted when you order three or more at once.

Website. Tel. +41 55 420 10 41


Brit Shop
One of the best selections of British products all in one place – and we aren’t just talking about food. Greeting cards, crosswords and puzzles are a few of the extras Brit shop has. Not to mention health and gluten free products too.
Website. Tel. +41 41 541 91 11


My Expat Shop
In addition to all your British food needs, My Expat Shop offers real English bacon, high quality British cheeses, Christmas crackers and the list keeps growing!
Website. Tel. +41 76 342 58 62


Happy foreign food finding!


Ashley_Set SailsContributed by: Zuri Girl, Ashley. Ashley splits her working life between an international school and Set Sails Media. In her spare time this California native likes to stay active by going to the gym, sewing, traveling, and cooking with/for friends. She also can’t say no to a good book.





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