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FOOD Zurich’s Opening Party

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 25, 2018

FOOD Zurich officially kicked off last night! The Opening Party featuring Zurich’s top chefs set the scene for what’s to come over the next 10 days.

Prepare yourself for a food frenzy all over the city! From dawn to dusk discover workshops, tours, family events, vegan & bio programs and not to be missed, the Zurich Street Food Festival.

FOOD Zurich 2018 is officially here and our bellies and social calendars are in a heated competition for most excited! 

Opening Party – the Scene

Jelmoli welcomed tailored suit guests and glistening gals to it’s upscale Food Market.

Live cooking stations were set up throughout the Market featuring 5-star chefs preparing with precision. We watched with mouths watering as they chopped, garnished and seared the finest of meats, fish and freshly prepared pasta while oh so delicately placing them onto perfectly proportioned small plates as if they were fine pieces of art. 

Typically the menu from these Chefs would check off your special occasion “wish list” for an entire year! But with FOOD Zurich you can actually enjoy them all in 1 sitting and with bottomless wine & cocktails, the CHF 95 ticket is actually quite a franc savvy deal. 

Each hotel featured a Swiss region cooking with (and later mixing with) local ingredients. Baur au Lac featured Waadtland, Widder Hotel featured Wallis, Party Hyatt Zurich featured Zurich, Storchen featured Tessin and The Dolder Grand featured Graubunden.

We really felt a “sharing is caring” vibe throughout as mixed in with the live cooking stations, guests could dine at communal tables stamped with FOOD Zurich sharing platters like pasta salads, asparagus quiche and spicy kimichi along with the usual Swiss suspects like fresh bread, cheese and dried meats. 

Opening Party – The Highlights

Indulging indeed was the word in the Cheese Cellar. Switzerland’s 1st Cheese Humidor filled with 250+ cheeses featured a triple cream for tasting. Yes, not once, not twice, but triple cream!

Movenpick created a coffee cocktail which was surprisingly more like an apero cocktail than dessert.

Storchen Zurich had a theme of Spring with Peperoni Loto- Risotto with Krauter sauerrahm and loris Berna with Terreni Alla Maggia Fabio del Piertro.

Love at 1st sip was a definite for Mikks. These cool concoctions that turn us all into the bartender shaking & blending flavors like basil, ginger and rhubarb. Oh and did we mention there was some Vodka in there?!

Dolder Grand had Apple mouse with cheese and dried meat with potato showcasing the beauty of Swiss Cuisine.

As the bell rang for 9pm, elevators soared guests to the 4th floor restaurant where decadent desserts & cocktails awaited.

A new discovery for us, the Ruby Rubina chocolate made from pink cocoa beans! A recent trend in the Zurich food scene, we were intrigued by the story behind it’s making (although they wouldn’t reveal exactly where the beans are found) and are not ashamed to say we went back for a 2nd helping!

FOOD Zurich – What’s Next! 

Don’t Miss: 150 events planned over the next 10 days including workshops, tours, kids programs, fine dining, vegan & bio programs

Dates: Now through 3 June

Locations: throughout the city

Additional Information: FOOD Zurich Website 

Article & images by Zuri Girl Lillian…Spent her childhood in Hawaii, and growing up in South Korea, Lillian ended up in Switzerland after getting mesmerized by its beauty. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, traveling around the world, open to all culinary journeys and meeting new people.  In love with art galleries and movie theaters, you can find her chilling by the lake on a sunny day or wandering around exploring the city!  Follow her on Instagram.


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