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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on December 8, 2020

Fondue chalets have sadly been cancelled and get togethers are forbidden thanks to the catastrophic event of 2020…COVID.

As we all know, lockdown was catastrophic for small businesses, but there were some Community Cultivators who stole the show and emerged as innovative trailblazers who didn’t skip a beat to keep their teams afloat and our lives as comfortable as possible while sheltering in place. One such company is the new Fonduekurier and we are thrilled to share the top 5 reasons why we love this festive delivery straight to our door:

1. The Convenience. Challenging times call for innovative solutions and the team behind Öpfelchasper just launched a Fondue Home Delivery Service complete with all you need to have a perfect fondue experience at home. They will deliver directly to your door not only a delicious blend of artisanal cheese, but also freshly baked and perfectly crisp bread, wine, schnapps and even a calquelon if you need it.

2. The Cheese. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience when you enjoy the mouthwatering creamy blend of “La Religieuse”…otherwise known as “the nun” which is the delicious crust at the bottom of your fondue pot…the best part! The legacy of masterful cheesemaker, Marc-Henri Horner in Marsens near Bulle, lives on because he sadly died of cancer in October 2020. His beautiful blend of 3 variants of Gruyère and 8 Vacherin come together for a very special fondue experience, now delivered to your door by Fonduekurier.

3. The Beverages. Fondue is not complete without kirsch and white wine…ideally Swiss of course. At the moment you can choose between one of three white wines and a set of schnapps.

La Capitaine, Chasselas, Vaud (Gland)
Cru de Champréveyres, Chasselas, Neuchâtel
Basa Rueda, Verdejo, Spain
Humbel Schnapps Set (4)

4. The Welschland Shop. Is it true that German speaking Switzerland does not enjoy the joie de vivre of the Suisse Romande? Possibly…however, you can enjoy a proper taste of specialities from Geneva to Sion to Delémont at the neighborhood shop: Welschland. Here, you will find not only the house mix “La Religieuse” but also an extensive range of saucissons, dry sausages, wild boar and deer refined with garlic or white wine. There are some vegetarian options…but this shop certainly appeals to the omnivore at heart.

5. The Öpfelchasper Team. It all started with an idea between two friends in 2007 to deliver crisp apples to Zurich-dwelling residents by bike. Now, 13 years later they are not only delivering freshly picked organic fruit and veggie baskets every week to home and offices in Zurich, Basel Bern, and Winterthur, they are also managing the Welschland Shop and now the Fonduekurier! The couriers are students, creative people, life artists and other cycling enthusiasts who deliver some of the tastiest healthy food to your home.


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