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Fitness Boot Camps Around Zurich

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GG Zurich posted on June 2, 2015

bootcampDon’t let the name scare you! Fitness boot camp is indeed what it sounds like (an intense workout class), but without the extreme conditions or someone yelling at you. Thank goodness! Zuri Girl tested several boot camps and is happy to share with you all you need to know to gear up for your next class along with our favorite locations.

Let’s get fit gals!


What to Wear: Clothing that allows you to move freely and comfortable shoes are always a good idea when working out. As boot camp sometimes requires lying on the floor, you might prefer long bottoms and a T-shirt style top to keep your skin off the floor and your sweat off the equipment.

Zuri Girl Tip: Fingerless fitness gloves can save your hands! Boot camp is a mix of different exercises requiring different equipment. Sometimes you’ll be lifting weights or doing push-ups. Gloves are fantastic to help prevent calluses and to give some extra comfort when putting weight on your hands – especially if you are doing boot camp outside on rubber turf or a running track.


What to Bring: A bottle of water and a towel are a must when working out! Having enough to drink (before, during and after a workout) helps your workout count event more. Towels are great for personal use, but also a hygienic consideration to prevent getting your sweat on mats when lying down. A towel isn’t needed so much for outdoor boot camp, but still useful to wipe sweat once you start heating up.

Zuri Girl Tip: Bring a fellow girlfriend (or boyfriend) to class with you! Working out with friends can make all the difference and increase your motivation.


What to Expect: Expect to be pushed to your limits, but certainly within limits. What’s great about boot camp is that you can easily adapt the exercises to your fitness level and up the ante when you’re ready to take on more. It’s perfect for a girlfriend wanting to challenge herself. If you have an injury or if an exercise hurts, ask your trainer for another exercise option.

Expect to be encouraged – not only by your trainer, but also by your classmates. It can be a struggle to finish those last 5 squats, but you can and will! Stay disciplined and observe your fitness ability improve over the weeks.

Zuri Girl Tip: Unlike branded fitness programs, there’s no standard format to boot camp. Exercises, intervals, equipment and circuits will depend very much on the style and background of your trainer. Many will implement their professional knowledge of TRX Suspension Training, CrossFit or personal training during boot camp.


Boot Camps in & around Zurich


Fit2Day white boardAbout: Trainer Julie’s started training nearly seven years ago and now has clients from Seefeld to Meilen who come 3-5 times a week to her boot camp. Stay-at-home parents, working adults, internationals and locals are the kinds of people you’d fine in this very welcoming class. At the start of class, Julie divides her trainees into groups alternating through the different exercises or, when the class is bigger, has the trainees do partner work.

Where: Im Ziel 35, 8125 Zollikerberg (map)

When: 13 different classes Monday-Saturday at various times

Why we Love it: Julie writes the day’s warm-up and workout on a whiteboard (pictured above) so you know exactly what to expect and how to gauge your energy. This also allows a little more freedom to work at your own pace.

Find out More: Fit2day Website


labas results – personal training and coaching

laabs outdoorAbout: Boot camp is one of several group fitness classes labas results offers. Trainers have plenty of knowledge and experience with TRX and personal training. You’ll realize that during class trainers will take the time to help you stretch out any extra aches and pains you might be having. Class sizes are often no more than 10 and in the summer boot camp is held outdoors in the nearby forest.

Where: Weingartenstrasse 9, 8803 Rüschlikon (map)

When:  Monday 18.30-19.15 & Thursday 19.00-20.00

Why we Love it: If you find it hard to fit boot camp into your scheduled, labas results can arrange for your own semi-private class. So get your friends together and start you own small group boot camp class at a time that works best for you.

Find out More: labas results website


No Excuses Lifestyle Management GmbH 

No Excuses close upAbout: Trainer Jayne has over 31 years of teaching experience with seven of those years being here in Zurich. Her classes are mainly working people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Classes generally consist of a group warm-up, breaking into groups to alternate through the exercises (there are descriptions of the exercises at each station in case you forget).

Besides training in the city, Jayne will be taking her boot camp classes on “vacation” to Ibiza and other locations as adventure holidays. Getting fit while relaxing sounds like a win-win!

When & Where:


– Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7.00-8.00 | Holmes Place Zurich. Seidengasse 1, 8001 Zurich (map)

– Monday 9.00-10.00 | Hillseeker. Frohbergweg 8, 8833 Samstagern (map)

– Saturday 9.15-10.15 | Hillseeker. Frohbergweg 8, 8833 Samstagern (map)


– Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18.30-19.30 | Silhouette Studio. Badenerstrasse 120, 8004 Zurich (map)

– Tuesday and Thursday 19.00-20.00 | Hillseeker. Frohbergweg 8, 8833 Samstagern (map)

Why we Love it: This isn’t just boot camp. Jayne applies lot of variety with different equipment such as Kettle Bells, BattleRopes, Bosu TRX and also adds CrossFit elements to her classes. What a great morning start!

Find our More: No Excuses Website


Bootcamp Zurich Personal Training and Bootcamps

Bootcamp Zurich plankAbout: Boot camp outdoors has a whole different feeling to it! Trainer Tommy brings all the tools trainees need for a successful boot camp class: TRX, gym ball, recoil, thera bands, etc. After a group warm-up, trainees are given a demonstration of the day’s routine and then rotate through the different exercises. Class is wrapped up with some intense abdominal exercises.


– Indoor: MyGym. Zweierstrasse 99, 8003 Zurich (map)

– Outdoor Weather Permitting:  Sportanlage Sihlhölzli (map)


– Tuesday 18.30-19.30

– Wednesday 11.00-12.00; 18.30-19.30; 19.00-20.00

– Thursday 18.30-1930

– Friday 18.30-19.30

Why we Love it: The movement coaches at Bootcamp Zurich also train professional athletes. This means their boot camps are often performance based for those who really want to reach their potential.

Find out More: Bootcamp Zurich Website


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In her spare time, she likes to stay active by going to the gym, doing yoga or paddling board, travels and cooks with friends. She also can’t say no to a good film!

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