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Fall Fashion 2011

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 5, 2011

Inspired by the effortless elegance of the Parisian lady with ageless charisma, blended with the colors and trends displayed on the popular American drama-series Mad Men in their 1960’s charm. Fall Fashion 2011 brings us beautiful materials, feminine cuts, solid colors, and timeless pieces. The look is simple, chic, elegant and refined…a new spirit that emphasizes simple softness and comfort.

Within the glamorous window displays along Bahnhofstrasse, you will find wardrobe inspirations that play with lengths and layers: skirt hem lines playing yo-yo between the ankle and the knee, the maxi dress paired with a long cashmere cardigan, pants that fit your body type topped with an elegant cape, colorful tights with a colorful ‘short’ and fabulous fur-trimmed scarves, vests and coats. Out with the bling-bling and the ill-fitting cult of youth, Fall Fashion 2011 is here and we have scoped out some of the best trends with the help of our favorite fashion houses: Bongénie Grieder and Jelmoli for some expert advice.



Colors and Prints:
Red inflames the collections, from the details of the buttons, to the pairing of a head to toe look. Saffron is also apparent with its orange derivatives, mustard and tangerine. Many fall colors include glossy brown, nuts and praline, relieved with powder pink and khaki. Camel, taupe, honey and gold will bring chic to any outfit. Very important is the return of winter white (off-white and ecru) as well as the classic blue and black. In prints, the rose is dominant, along with button flowers. There are also some geometric designs, (more street wear than what you would see worn by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry). The ethno-chic, folklore and animal skin prints are also apparent.

The Looks:
Femininity is back with inspiration from the glamour of Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly comes pencil skirts, sheath dresses and sheer blouses. Soft, woven layers are ubiquitous, for starters, the cloak accompanies the pencil skirt. Dresses are cut for your figure, neither too tight or too loose this year. Some encroaching on menswear suits, jackets, parkas and coats of her companion, but with feminine proportions, there is a fun play between masculinity and femininity in this season’s collections. For your man, the perfect-fitting suit paired with the narrow tie is hot, hot, hot. For the street, the new bourgeois casual look is, what may be at first glance just relaxed, carefully chosen: a perfect trench over carelessly buttoned cardigans or large cable knit sweaters, cool jeans, a hip flat cap and quality shoes.

With coats, again, all lengths and styles are in, but we will see more cloaks and long, straight and narrow overcoats. But, there are also duffle-coats, parkas and ponchos. Trenches are of course abundant and jackets are very stylish with elegant details, either leather or fur-trimmed with some adorning intricate ornaments.

Fall footwear ranges from the ever-neutral and functional to the color-popping statement stompers. We are seeing more open toed sandals, wedges and peep toe pumps paired with stylish tights or polka-dot socks. Some boots have playfully sexy details, such as lace up and metal trimmings. A must have for fall is the heeled oxfords and while we’re at it, we will take a pair of ankle boots as well.

Women’s jewelry and leather goods continue on the path of classic-chic. Especially important, costume jewelry is back with chunky pieces that pair well with your wardrobe. Pair some fabulous leather gloves with your outfit, whether they are classic black or brown, or bold and colorful. The bag provides a rustic and artisanal spirit with braids, chains, perforations, fringes, suede and aspects of large loops. The must-have accessory of the season is the fur scarf!

New from Paris, Jelmoli is featuring Lancel’s “Crazy for Daligramme” collection, which celebrates the maison’s 135th year anniversary. These are not just bags, they are a declaration of love, inspired by the crazy love story between Salvador Dalí and his muse Gala, for whom he created his own love alphabet, monograms are featured on the handbag line’s re-launched collection, available exclusively in Switzerland at Jelmoli.

Enjoy the fashions ladies, and step out onto your own catwalk this fall. The streets of Zurich are waiting for you…


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About Bongénie Grieder:
Founded in Geneva in 1891, the Bongénie concept first spread across French-speaking Switzerland before it entered the German-speaking market with the acquisition of Zurich’s Grieder in 1972. Considered Switzerland’s largest group of specialty stores, shoppers will find exclusive offerings in the areas of fashions and accessories. Showcasing certain lifestyles the Grieder stores welcome an increasingly cosmopolitan and cross-generation public that wishes to indulge in the pleasures of life and enjoy the latest from the fashion capitals of the world. For more information, please visit the website of Bongénie Grieder.

About Jelmoli:
The largest and most innovative department store from 1833, Jelmoli ‘The house of brands’ delights with 8 floors and a breathtaking range of approximately 2 million articles of more than 1,000 of the most desired brands in the world. From fashion and sportswear, to beauty, accessories and interiors… delights can be found at every corner.

Visit Rowena Downing in Jelmoli`s Personal Shopping Lounge. Whether you are looking for a business wardrobe, new Autumn/ Winter combinations, something for a special occasion, or even  `the` must-have fall accessories… Rowena Downing is there to help. To book an appointment call: 044 220 4747, or E-mail: Rowena.downing@jelmoli.ch. For more information, please visit the website of Jelmoli.









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