Extend your Summer Glow

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on August 2, 2019

A healthy dose of Vitamin D can make us all glow from the inside out…but what to do when the rays start to fade?

We rounded up our top ways to extend your summer glow while planning to head back to work or back to school this month.

Photo: Eram Dental

Smile with Confidence. A genuinely happy smile is contagious and with a little help from the incredible team at Eram Dental, you can enhance the shade of your pearly whites for the special price of CHF 349* through 31 August 2019 (normal price is CHF 480). The results can reveal your natural smile 6-8 shades lighter than before. Should you wish to simply book a dental cleaning? New patients can enjoy the welcome price of CHF 99. *Please mention Girlfriend Guide with the ladies at reception for your special offer.

Photo: Kerasilk @ Pedro Sanchez

Healthy Scalp. There’s a new scalp treatment in town and it is available at Pedro Sanchez Salons. Sexy, shiny hair begins with a healthy scalp and the Kerasilk Revitalizing treatment is perfect for exfoliating your scalp, locking in minerals and keratin with their enriched serum. The treatment can be done professionally in the salon, or in the privacy of your own home. Just call and please mention Girlfriend Guide for your special treatment.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug for Beauty Check

Hydra + Facial. This time of year, there is only one facial we can consider recommending to clear dead skin cells and infuse pores with molecular hydration in the form of antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, while still being safe enough to enjoy the summer sun without fear. Ladies, the HydraFacial is our go-to facial and Marina from Beauty Check is the fairy godmother who brought the HydraFacial to Zurich years ago. Give her a call and the results speak for themselves…trust us, you’ll be hooked.

Stay Young. There’s a new brightening serum from LUXES called “Bright” that is an intensive daily correcting serum clinically proven to combat hyper-pigmentation, fade dark spots and repair sun damage. We have sampled the full product line and we can testify that these products are hydrating and refreshing without any sticky residue. Available at Bellevue Apotheke or you can order online for a special price of CHF 59 instead of CHF 89 with code GFG2019ZH – shop here.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Chew your…gum. If you didn’t already know, chewing sugar free gum with xylitol is a great way to protect your teeth and reduce your snacking desire. We hear saliva helps keep your mouth neutral and balanced and xylitol cannot be converted to acids by oral bacteria, so the alkaline to acid balance in your mouth is healthy while chewing gum. Right now we are enjoying the fun packaging from Stimorol where professional photographer @AndreaMonicaHug shows us how to be a rebel and glow from the inside out with her winning smile!

Photo: St. Tropez for Pure Beauty Spa

Glow Girl. For the sun kissed look without the damaging rays, we love the St. Tropez tan available at Pure Beauty Spa. We have used this tan at home for touchups or before events (perfect for helping legs glow under a dress between seasons) and year after year, this tan continues to be a favorite.

Among other news, Pure Beauty Spa also offers the NEW Dermapen® Microneedling facial that is collagen boosting and very results focused. We have experienced this facial in the past in the United States and can definitely testify to its success. After the treatment, skin can be sensitive and flaky (revealing fresh skin just a few days later) so we like to reserve this facial for non-summer months. Give them a call to reserve your complimentary consultation and treatment plan in time for Autumn.

Photo: Havaianas @ Zalando

Pretty Tongs. From the beaches of Brazil to the heart of Switzerland, we cannot get enough Havaianas and will take every opportunity to wear them from the Badi to the office. Luckily for us, Zalando has a sale on summer styles for the whole family…and the Croco Riviera Tongs are perfect to pair with a summer dress in the office. Why not get them in two colors at that price?!

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