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GG Zurich posted on May 28, 2019

We are so excited to share our latest sushi experience at Edomae. Just a short walk from Bahnhofstrasse, this is a “must” for your next night out!

The Japanese word ‘Edomae’ translates as ‘In front of Tokyo bay’, and we guarantee that the dishes served by this restaurant will truly transport you to the Japanese seaside. 

Sleek in its simplicity, Edomae is nestled right in the city center. While you can simply walk in for a delicious sushi meal at lunch time, the truly exciting concept of this venue is the “Edo style” Omakase dinner, exclusively served to 8 guests at a time in front of the bar – this minimizes oxidation of the fish and achieves the optimal serving temperature. Here the Sushi Master prepares 12 incredible small dishes, offering a unique spectacle of craftsmanship. 

Why we love it?
The Omakase feels like a trip through the boldest flavors of Japan: each dish is carefully prepared to preserve the freshness of the ingredients, ranging from nutty silk tofu, to scallops, to a mind-blowing charred tuna Nigiri. The meal lasts roughly two hours and gives you the opportunity of experiencing sushi in a completely different way from what we are mostly used to in Europe.  Throughout the dinner, the restaurant owner attentively accompanies the guests, explaining the dishes and suggesting Sake or wine pairing. 

The price of the Omakase is about 120 CHF, and it’s worth every penny. Make sure to book the Omakase quite in advance, especially for a weekend visit!

Zuri Girl Tips
After green tea and dessert, round up the meal with a Sake cocktail, to be enjoyed in the lounge. The restaurant’s most served cocktail, Spicy & Sour, will blow your socks off.

Edomae | Talstrasse 62, 8001 Zürich (map) | Edomae Website

Article & images by Zuri Girl Francesca. You can find her on Instagram for more inspiring photos and stories.

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