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Edgar Balseca

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 12, 2015

He’s the Creative Director of BALSECAWEBER.

Edgar BalsecaEdgar Balseca understands the modern woman – she is feminine and elegant. Edgar is living his dream designing for this Swiss fashion label specialized in women’s wear and women’s accessories. When he is not busy designing for this gorgeous brand and presenting at numerous fashion shows throughout the year, he can be found enjoying a glass of Champagne with his husband and dreaming up the next big collection for the company. We caught up with Edgar to learn a bit more about what makes him tick…


Job Related

What’s your favorite part about your job as a fashion designer?
I get to be me! I don’t have to change a thing about who I really am. I am just getting started and I will evolve and get better and better, but my focus is always on moving forward and improving. I love that I get to express myself through my designs.


Tell us about you at home…how do you unwind?
I like to drink a glass of Champagne. In the summer I love the limited edition Moët Ice Impérial in a glass with ice and strawberries. It’s so delicious! And it goes down so smoothly.

Local Tips

Favorite restaurant/cafe in Zurich?
I have a friend who owns a great Italian restaurant Bottega Berta. It’s a really fresh restaurant where everything is homemade – the sauce, the pasta. My husband and I go there once a week, we always meet with friends and have a great evening out together.


Who inspires you and why?
Anybody who loves what they do for a living. People who are always trying to do something new or achieve a new goal and get better and move forward every day with their work inspire me.


What advice would you give to your younger self?
Be patient! You will be happy. You’ll get to where you want to go so be happy where you are right now.

Adorably Sweet Bonus Question #6

What location would you want to be locked in overnight (eg. Museum, Boutique, etc.)
Everywhere and anywhere, where my husband is. The location doesn’t matter as long as we are together.




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