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eCHo – Dining in a Gondola

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 7, 2016

There are plenty of Swiss restaurants in Zurich. And there are enough claiming to serve the best Züri Geschnetzeltes in town. But is there one that you can have it in style? We mean, in a Swiss style. To be precise, to eat it while you are sitting in a ski gondola right in downtown Zurich. The answer is, yes, now you, or we all, can (though only one lucky party at a time.)

A 9-year-old eCHo restaurant in Zürich Marriott Hotel has just relaunched its Swiss cuisine with a contemporary twist. While the very Swiss dishes are still well featured on the menu, there are other choices of modern cuisine teasing for a try. But whichever menu you decide for, sure it will be presented with a Swiss pride, in Swiss style. Can’t imagine the experience yet? Well, then let’s take a ride!

The Ambience

As soon as entering a subtle, contemporary dining room, what catches anyone’s eyes is a cute ski gondola in the middle of the hall. Inside, a table is set for 2 lucky diners. Fortunately, Zuri girl was one of the lucky persons that evening. After checking out every cute detail in the gondola and the excitement cooled down, Zuri Girl spot other well-thought details beyond – like the sling above the gondola that is mount to fit the spot on the panoramic snow mountain wallpaper as if the gondola is really floating in the sky above the Alps, the entrance with menus hanging on hooks like those at a mountain chalet, stools made of milk barrels, wine menu that is printed on wine bottles, and a picture of “Gretli” the cow who produces milk for the restaurant’s cheese.

The inner part of the room that serves as a breakfast area for hotel guests also have a wall showing ‘hausgemacht’ delicacies like honey, eCHo beer, honey gin, and cheese that you can buy. It makes the place feel even more like a chalet on the mountain.

The Food

There are 4 groups of food to choose from. “To Share” is a big dish to share, and the star is 1-kilogram Tomahawk steak with 3 side dishes and 2 sauces (CHF 192.) “CH” or Swiss dishes includes Züri Geschnetzeltes with Rösti (CHF 47) and eCHo Tatar (CHF 25) which are both chef’s recommendation. Zuri Girl loves baked egg yolk that accompanies 12-gram pure beef. And here they serve 1-person portion fondue (CHF 29.) Nice!

“Hanky-panky” menu features dishes beyond Switzerland. Zuri Girl went for E Reis uf Neuseeland which is lamb chops with pea-mint puree and carrots (CHF 39.) In the starter, Schwii im Teig or pork pot-roast ravioli with Sbrinz cheese (CHF 24) also sounds tempting.

Lastly, the “Boneless” menu is for vegetarians and vegans. The one and only starter is beetroot and parsley cream soup (CHF 12.) Chef’s recommendation is cannelloni filled with barley, onion, and cheese sauce (CHF 25.)

For the dessert there are the delicious Double cream de la Gruyère with cherry meringue and warm berries, and chocolate mousse with coconut praline and passion fruit sauce. Or to try cheese plate made from Gretli’s milk wouldn’t be a bad idea!

The Drinks

eCHo makes its own gin flavored with honey harvested from beehives on the roof of the Marriott. Wow. They are proud of their honey, and gin honey, so they created a signature cocktail made of this gin and Ricola. There can’t be a cocktail that is more Swiss than this and it is a must-try.

Alternatives for a non-cocktail people would be Gin42 tonic or eCHo beer.

Zuri Girl Tips

If you can’t decide what to choose from the menu, go for Threesome (CHF 96.) This gives you a full experience of eCHo Signature Cocktail, a starter, main course and dessert from the menu card (excluding Tomahawk Steak), wine buffet, eCHo beer, and water from Zurich, dripped Coffee, fruit brandy from the castle “Käsers Schloss”, and a validation for free parking!

Restaurant eCHo

Zurich Marriott Hotel

Neumuehlequai 42, 8006 Zurich (map)

+41 44 360 73 18 | Restaurant eCHo Website

Opening hours: Daily from 18:00h to 22.30h

Fah Bio PhotoArticle & Photo created by Zuri Girl Fah Panyada Ruengskul; a corporate marketeer from Bangkok who turned into a housewife-cum-entrepreneur in Zurich. Fah’s hobby is writing travel articles and gastronomy. After living in Sao Paulo for almost 3 years, she published 6 travel books of which 4 are about Latin American countries. Her latest book “Europe Beyond Sky” features skiing and dining experience in Gstaad among 5 other European cities. Check Fah’s travel and gastronomic exploration at her blog and Facebook/traveling beyond sky or Instagram – SkyBeyondSky



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