DIY Easter Decor

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 10, 2016

Two simple DIY ideas to help you enjoy an Easter at home.

Have fun!

DIY Egg Carton Daffodils

We know you have been buying eggs galore in prep for dying Easter eggs.

Zuri Girl Tip: don’t throw away the cartons!

They provide great supplies to make your own daffodils that will survive any weather that Zurich may bring us. Grab some girlfriends and/or your kids and start crafting your Easter table decor!



egg carton daffodils - 011. With strong scissors, cut out the center points of your egg carton. Also, individually cut out each egg holder.

2. Take the individual egg holder and use your scissors to cut rounded petals. Make at least 5 petals.




egg carton daffodils - 113. Paint the petals and center points yellow.

4. Once they are dry, glue the center point into the petal.

5. With the tip of your scissors, poke a hole in the center of your flower.




egg carton daffodils - 166. Stick the pipe cleaner into the hole until it reaches just past the tip of the center point. Now bend the pipe cleaner at a 90 degree angle on the back of the flower.

7. Take the pipe cleaner out, and with your green floral tape, wrap the tape around the pipe cleaner until you reach the bend.

8. Now reinsert your pipe cleaner into the center of the flower. Adhere the flower to the pipe cleaner with some glue.


Repeat as many times as the amount of flowers you want!


DIY Easter Bunny in a Basket

We’ve all bought mushrooms at Coop and subsequently we all have baskets that we don’t know what to do with.

Zuri Girl Tip: put them to decorative use!

Add some spray paint to your basket or keep it au natural. Then throw in some green fluff (also found at Coop or Migro), a chocolate Easter bunny, and some candy eggs. Use your basket to decorate your table or give it to the Easter bunny to hide for your kids.

We hope you enjoy trying our Easter crafts at home. And we always love to hear your favorite ways to get crafty this Easter!

DIY easter


Screen-Shot-2013-11-04-at-3.49.40-PM-copy-150x150Article & photos contributed by: Zuri Girl Caitlin, a San Francisco native and Swiss chocolate addict.  You will most likely find her in the kitchen, the yoga studio, working on her latest craft project, or writing all about it on her blog, teaspoon.



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