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GG Zurich posted on August 17, 2017

Thurgau is for Cyclists… and Families, and Sailors, and Hikers. 

Yes, it might feel like Thurgau is “a bit far”, but Zurich’s neighbor to the northeast has plenty to offer. Known for farming villages with orchards and vineyards, historic castles, and watersports, Thurgau has an exceptional riviera-style feel. As the major cities of Weinfelden, Kreuzlingen and Romanshorn are an average one hour train ride from Zurich, Thurgau is actually one of the best day trip destinations in the Deutschschweiz. We spent a weekend sampling Thurgau for our Zuri Girls and can’t wait to tell you about it!

Kreuzlingen for Cyclists
Take the train to Kreuzlingen as you won’t need a car for this adventure! Plan ahead and reserve an eBike from Rent-a-bike and plan to return it 20km (12.4 miles) in Romanshorn. Along the Swiss Bike Route 2 you will have stunning views of Lake Constance with plenty of Bauerhofs, Badis, bathrooms and other interesting stops along the way making it easier to ride with kids.

Romanshorn for Families
The stylish Restaurant Hafen right on the waterfront offers market fresh regional dishes with views of the harbor where you can watch the passenger boats coming and going. Near the Spitz-Romanshorn parking lot and bus stop, the Waldschenke on the edge of the forest is perfect for an afternoon snack, juice from the tap and sausage from the grill while kids play on the playground or venture into the woods.

For those in need of more adrenaline, the autobau’s impressive collection of race, classic and luxury cars in a historic building is sure to give you your fix. For big and small, old and young, the ever changing private collection of race car driver Fredy Lienhard’s is open to the public including guided tours from experienced automotive experts. Make your next work or private event more memorable by holding it in the elegant surroundings of polished steel and even take a test drive in one of the cars.

Arbon for Sailors
The extensive boat network on Switzerland’s second largest lake means it’s a sailor’s paradise! Sail into Arbon to enjoy their exceptional old town, castle and green lawns. Wander the lakeside to the artsy Hotel Wunderbar (just before the Badi and near the Saurer Museum) for a drink on their terrace or stay a night in their hotel. For a unique experience, book a Traumröhre (dream pipe) – a 10 ton, 3 meter long and 2 meter’s wide cement pipe complete with bed and lighting just along the lake. Be sure to greet the friendly rabbit that roams the garden.    

Weinfelden for Musicians, Hikers and Wine Lovers
Ever wonder where Fasnacht musicians take their instruments for repair and maintenance? The Blaswerk Haag in Weinfelden is one such place! For over 60 years Blaswerk has been hand building and repairing brass and other wind instruments with signature Swiss quality. At their shop, they offer tours of their factory and workshops like caring for your instrument or finding the right mouthpiece. Purchase a hand-engraved, Swiss made brass instrument for your musician as a one-of-a-kind keepsake!     

The name might have given it away, but Weinfelden is the place to hike and enjoy fields of wine grapes. Start the Weinweg Weinfelden at the train station by picking up your Weinweg backpack including tasting glass, snacks and, most importantly, your individual code to unlock the underground wine safe. The entire Weinweg takes about three hours and is 9km (5.6 miles) through forest, fields and over hills. There are several shortcuts you can take along the way, but why would you do that when there are 10 restaurants and 10 family wineries along the way to visit?

The wonder of Thurgau and the surrounding area doesn’t stop there! Consider these unique attractions!


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