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Discover the Canton of Jura

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GG Zurich posted on January 26, 2018

Take a trip to the canton of Jura to experience this region’s natural beauty and historical villages!

The Jura Mountains, other wise known to the locals as “Massif du Jura,” are a sub-alpine mountain range located north of the Western Alps, mainly following the course of the France–Switzerland border.

The Swiss Jura is one of the three distinct geographical regions of Switzerland, the others being the Swiss plateau and the Swiss Alps. In Switzerland, the Jura range covers the western border with France in the cantons of Basel, Solothurn, Jura, Bern, Neuchâtel, and Vaud.

The mountain range offers a variety of activities for tourists and locals including natural features such as the Creux du Van, lookout peaks such as the Chasseral, caves such as the Grottes de l’Orbe, and gorges such as Taubenloch.

Hiking and Lookouts

A MUST! One of the best hikes in the Jura/Neuchatel region is the hike up to the Creux du Van. A beautiful lookout with incredible natural features and chances to spot lots of wildlife, The Creux du Van is well known to this region. The hiking trail is easily accessible by train or by car. Take a train to Noiraigue to start this 725 meter trek. Not only does this hike include beautiful look out points, but you will also see the legendary “fontaine froide” and the tunnel system of the asphalt mines. Check out Swiss Tourism for the full plan!

Le Beridier is located in Delemont, the capital of Jura. The view of the Béridier is located north of the city. It is easily accessible on foot and by car and is located on the crest of the Vorbourg chain. It offers a bird’s eye view of Delémont and its valley. From the city, the site is easily spotted, just above the giant Jurassic crest painted on the rock bar. This is the place of relaxation, bonfires, and an observation table installed by the embellishment company of the city.

Rochers des Sommetres (Muriaux) Sommières is a rocky chain culminating at 1’079 m altitude. The place is famous for climbing and the view from the top is impressive. The place is only accessible on foot. The path is steep and some passages are stairs cut directly into the rock.

Lac Vert d’Undervelier (Undervelier). By Delémont or Porrentruy direction Bassecourt half way to Glovelier, take the Berlincourt road towards the Gorges du Pichoux. You will go down the magnificent Gorges du Pichoux and before Undervelier, on your right you will find a gravel park and a small forest path to get there.

A pleasant walk borders the river Sorne, which leads you to the small green lake. You will find small artificial waterfalls produced by the dam, which forms the green lake, whose color is produced by its algae. A refreshing walkway accessible to everyone.

Les Grottes de Reclere (Reclere). Along a 1500-meter course, you will discover stalagmites and stalactites of rare beauty and diversity: you will admire the elegant Pagoda, the Dome which, with its 15 meters high, is the largest stalagmite from Switzerland. Extremely fun for children!

L’etang de la Gruere The history of peat bog landscapes began 12,000 years ago, when the glacier still covered the whole region. The bog lake, almost 600m long, reaches a maximum depth of 5m near the sawmill dam. The paths are well developed with bridges and bridges. It is recommended to stay on the marked trails to avoid trampling the surrounding nature. This is a beautiful lake located near Saint-Ursanne. It’s accessible all year round and sometimes it even freezes over! Grab your skates and head to l’etang de la Gruere for a magnificent natural experience!

Rochers du midi Strange-shaped pines dominate the cliff of Rochers du Midi which is the highest point of the village of Courrendlin (altitude 870 meters). To reach this site, one has to go up from the rue du Bambois to the picnic hut of Chaives-Vies. Continuing on the road, one will pass impressive caves before reaching the “Path of Holly”. This trail is aptly named because holly grows on both sides. Arriving at the ridge, you can admire a magnificent view of the Delémont Valley, the Gorges de Moutier, and the surrounding mountains.

City Visits and Historical Sights

The city of Porrentruy- A majestic city filled with history and a beautiful medieval castle that was once inhabited by the prince bishops of Basel!

Main attractions:

The medieval village of Saint-Ursanne– You don’t want to miss out on visiting this city! The beautiful charm of a small medieval city filled with culture and pride.  Go during the Christmas Market or during the medieval festival to experience this village in action.

Main attractions:


Delemont Visit the city of Delemont with a guided tour!

Main attractions:

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