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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 21, 2019

All the 2020 diaries and journals are stacked up all colorful near the counter calling out “Coming Soon!

A new year, a new decade, so much to do, so much not yet done! Wait, before you head into a swoon of overwhelm, have you tried Bullet Journaling?

This week we were introduced to this journaling technique utilizing the creative colors made available by Swiss made Faber-Castell together with the lovely Holly from hollylovesplanning, and we are sold!

We didn’t have to wait until the New Year all loaded up with wishful resolutions, we started connecting the dots right away with December to help us effortlessly roll into the new year. With Bullet Journals, you can start wherever you are and just continue, so no half-filled books and wasted paper. We just dove straight in. We hear they say at the Bullet Journal headquarters “Meet the analog method for the digital age that will help you track the past, order the present, and design your future.” 

Originally created by Ryder Carroll an ADD kid with too many thoughts, he said it wasn’t that he couldn’t focus but that he was trying to focus on too many things. In an effort to filter out the unnecessary and live an intentional life he developed a method that worked so well for him…then his friends got curious. Turns out that this method which had worked for him was helpful to others as well. Fast forward and you can search up Bullet Journal or “BuJo” as it’s affectionately called and find hundreds of thousands of ways people have adopted the practice and made it their own.

Even if you think your Google Calendar handles everything for you, we’d encourage you to give this a try. There’s just something about writing things down by hand that helps you process them differently.

Writing them down allows you to forget about them and stop running that constant long list of stuff in your head that you need to remember. Just think of what you can do with all that extra brain capacity and how much less stressed you’ll feel when you stop worrying about forgetting something.

“KonMari for your racing thoughts” -Vogue

Under the direction of Holly and with the gorgeous pens and colors from Faber-Castell we got to prepare for the madness of the silly season upon us this December. There was something really calming about creating some space for all that is to come.

We hope you can dedicate some personal time, with a pen and paper, just for you and how you want to spend your upcoming days and weeks in the year to come.

Kaye Bio

Article & photo contributed by Kaye Llewelynan Australian surfer far from the sea, she can be caught gazing wistfully out at the lake, but mostly found painting at the mal_Raum, drawing out desires at emBOLDed or glimpsing synchronicities around Zurich on her bike, with the red spotted seat.

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