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GG Zurich posted on May 14, 2020

Lockdown was catastrophic for small businesses, but the team at Luus Muus didn’t skip a beat. They launched a home delivery service so that the 5-600 customers they generally serve each weekend were able to receive some home cooked assistance while in quarantine.

There were trailblazing leaders during the Corona-crisis and we caught up with Nadia Mills, Founder & Owner of Luus Muus Familienzentrum & Café to find out more about how she has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep her business and her team afloat during these uncertain times. She is one of the true #CommunityCultivatorsZuri because as the nucleus to her business, she is dedicated to nurturing and growing everyone around her and we are thrilled to share her story…

Name. Nadia Mills

Heart. Luus Muus / Loose Moose

Backbone. My family…my other half was making the deliveries around his full time jobs schedule and my daughters are placing stickers on the food orders prepped for delivery. Alongside the usually two full time employees, one part time employee (its been tough, as everyone has been reduced – hourly staff are all awaiting shifts coming available, which they are not at the moment – but nothing a few long days and night shifts can’t compensate for right…. roll up those sleeves! It’s time to muck in!) and the other halves of staff jumping in as volunteers, the business has evolved to new creative heights as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown. Meanwhile, the family dog misses her long walks in the forest, but is a cheerful support.

Inspiration. Tell us about Luus Muus. How did you jump from idea to building your dream?
I love being a mom. Best job ever. But the truth was, it was also the loneliest job I ever began. I felt so lost – not knowing where to go with my daughter without feeling like I was upsetting those around me. I wanted my girls to grow up knowing how important social relationships and interactions. I felt it was so important to create this space… my dreams became reality 😉

What is the story behind the name “Luus Muus”?
My eldest daughter’s nickname when she was born was Müüslii (swiss german little mouse) – and as she got older and wilder, she was soon my Luus Muus (swiss german for silly mouse). My Partner is from canada and would tease me that I was calling her “Loose Moose” – and well it stuck! Additionally, it was a name that was the same in English and German. Hopefully it helps connect the expat and local community 😉

Evolution. How has your business changed from the day you opened, through to before the Corona crisis and how it has evolved as of recent?
Prior to Corona we would welcome 5-600 people many weekends and now we are relying on making home deliveries – as even while open, the restrictions only allow 4 tables with a total of 16 chairs inside. The new recycled cardboard boxes and reusable glass containers are our sustainable solution…but we really miss welcoming the community into the space. The local seniors are especially missed, because it’s a highlight for them to watch the children playing while sipping their coffee or tea.

The Corona Community. You’ve been a trailblazer in adapting quickly. How did you do it?
Things have changed drastically since we were forced to close our doors to the public, but we adapted immediately. Now we are delivering happiness to your door in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, we rented out our kitchen to Danna from Organilicious for additional home delivery services and I would like to welcome any other organized startups to connect with us for similar opportunities. I am incredibly thankful for emerging startups such as SwissDelivery.ch who helped put small businesses like mine on the map.

“Can you bring me some plaster?” She yells to her daughter as we begin our conversation. Nadia is building a plexiglass divider to protect her staff from potential germs from the public at the counter and she is awaiting an order of UV Lights to arrive, as they are being installed to thoroughly disinfect the building at night. 

The Future. How do you forsee things changing in the short and long term future for Luus Muus?
Home deliveries are here to stay, as it works well for us and our clients. Deliveries are made within a rather large radius around Lake Zurich 3x a day at 10.00 15.00 and 17.00. We started by offering a Grocery Box which is most often purchased as a gift for an elderly person. As we expanded our menu, we added several meal boxes, including the popular Lunch and Brunch Box, and we are excited to expand our menu when we launch our Grill Box. Currently, we bring the American Tradition of takeNbake Pizza to life through delivery – but soon we will welcome you to our Friday Pizza Station – where guests can come and pickup their very own “Take & Bake” pizza and add customized toppings…a fond memory I had as a child that we have brought to our community in Zurich.

Network. Small businesses you support that we can highlight here?
We have been so thankful for the support of Kaufmann Sanitär and Spenglerei – who have jumped in to ensure we are up to the new codes within hours of them being released. They have been amazing! Similarly we are thankful for all the suppliers who have adjusted their order requirements to allow us to order as needed.

We are also so glad to have shared the support we have received with other local businesses including Rosen Nydegger and BlumenAtelier – both here in Egg. Additionally, we are thankful for Drogerie Ritzmann – another local business in Zumikon, who have ensured we always have access to the needed hygiene products to keep guests and staff safe.

Thank you Nadia for sharing your heart’s passion with us! Best wishes for the future of Luus Muus and we encourage you to check out their space at a location below:

Luus Muus Family Center
Bahnhofweg 4, 8132 Egg bei Zurich (Map)
Tel: +41 44 432 1212 . Website


food photo credit: @forkandflower
portrait photo credit: @lizziedavisphototraphy

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