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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 17, 2018

A boutique nail salon in a residential community near Zurich Affoltern focusing on nail care, nail art, permanent nail polish (gellac) and gel nails. If you crave a quiet, intimate experience with one-on-one service and high-quality treatments, My Nice Nails is for you.

Written brightly across the main wall is a quote by poet Heinrich Heine about how the beauty of the hands reflect the whole person.  Katty truly supports this. She believes when the nails look good, the person feels good. Self confidence increases and everything else follows. She loves primping people before interviews and special occasions to help give them a boost of self-love and confidence.


Why we Love My Nice Nails…

Their Services!

The team specializes in nail care, nail art, permanent nail polish (gellac) and gel nails using the latest generation of LED curing lamps. They also offer paraffin baths, pedicures and peeling treatments.

The nail extensions are great for healthy nails but also for those that have bitten their tips one too many times. They can create any shape and offer over 100 color shades.

Katty also loves getting creative with nail art and can decorate with glitter, sequins, 3D paintings, stamping, rhinestones and more.

Their Standards!

Quality including hygiene were one of the #1 priorities when building My Nice Nails. The team carefully selected high-quality ultraviolet light sterilizing equipment, room purifiers and provide each and every single client with his / her own nail file.

Their Heart!

Katty is exactly what you hope your nail technician will be. She’s warm-hearted, energizing, passionate and cares sincerely about her clients’ happiness. Her clients aren’t just people that walk by and help pay the bills. She knows their names, life stories and how to make them feel good.


An Idea is Born…

Originally from Venezuela, salon therapist & owner, Katty, fell in love…with a Swiss, with Zurich and with nails! After working in Zurich city center salons, she decided to open her own neighborhood location.

She created a cozy salon (maximum 2 at a time) on the ground level of an apartment block row that specializes in nail care, nail art, permanent nail polish (gellac) and gel nails using the latest generation of LED curing lamps.

We tried out the gel nails and absolutely loved the experience and the results. Katty gave us what seemed like 100 colors to choose from, made sure we were super happy with the shape and style before filing away and even offered to test a few shades to make the right decision.

A week later the nails are still amazing! As a busy mom with constant dish washing and sand castle playing in between dashing to business meetings, it’s a major relief to not be embarrassed hiding chipped polish all the time.  Thanks Katty!


Helpful Information and Links…

Sprechen Sie Nails? Katty speaks Swiss German, High German, Spanish and understands Portuguese, Italian and some English. Her colleague Desi speaks Swiss German, High German and English.

Stress-Free Parking. Can’t find parking is not your excuse for running late here. There’s lots of (free) white spaces around the residential neighborhood. Or opt for the 2-minute walk from the Zurich Affoltern train station.

Online Booking. No need to sneak out during your lunch break to call. Book online! 

Sponsored Love…Article written in collaboration with My Nice Nails 




+41 44 520 88 08


Nettie-Sutro-Strasse 9, 8046 Zurich

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