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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 30, 2016

Joe and the Juice, a popular Scandinavian juice bar, coffee pit stop, and sandwich station, has finally opened its doors in Sihlcity after much anticipation! We headed over on the opening day to see what all the hype was about.

The Atmosphere

Joe and the Juice is well known for having a hip and relaxing atmosphere in each store. The Sihlcity store is very spacious and has an open bar, meaning you can see your juices, smoothies, coffee, and sandwiches being prepared. It was refreshing to be immediately greeted by the staff with a friendly hello and a smile. Since the store is completely new to Zurich, all of the staff are happy to help you find something on the menu.

The seating area is great for the size of the store, and there will always be a seat available at any time of the day since many customers take their order to go. Overall, it is definitely a place where you can sit and chat with a couple of friends with a juice and sandwich in hand!

The Food and Drinks

The timing of the store’s opening could not have been any better, as their juices and smoothies are the most refreshing snack or meal on a hot day. The juices are hands-down some of the best we have tried in Zurich, especially because they are prepared right in front of you with fresh ingredients. The variety of juices to choose from is absolutely incredible, and there are plenty of flavors to try out. Whether you want a sweet or savory juice, a quick snack or a meal in a cup, they serve it all.

Of course we also had to try one of the sandwiches, specifically the “Joe’s Club” which is a flatbread filled with avocado, tomato, pesto, and chicken. You might think that CHF 9 is a bit too much for a sandwich, but the thick layer of fillings and special bread that is used make the price absolutely worth it. If you’re trying a coffee, give the flat white a go since it can be difficult to find in town and is very decent for a juice bar coffee. We are personally going to come here for the juice, smoothies, and sandwiches!

Why We Love It

It is so amazing to see more and more healthy juice bars and restaurants popping up in town. Joe and the Juice particularly caught our attention because of the large variety of juices and coffees they offer, the friendly staff, and the relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy your drinks and food at any time of the day.

Zuri Girl Tip

If you need a quick breakfast or lunch but don’t want to eat a huge meal, try the “Breakfast Club” Acai smoothie with granola. The smoothie is packed with banana, almond milk and acai, and the granola on top adds the extra crunch and keeps you full!




Kalandergasse 4, 8045 Zürich


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