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GG Zurich posted on October 21, 2015

Banker turned Professional Beautician, the lovely Claudia has your skin & personal grooming needs covered from head to toe from Autumn to Spring. Zuri Girl was thrilled to meet her and we were even the 1st to experience her Autumn Facial – so cool!

Here’s our top 5 reasons you should call Claudia…

1. The Treatment List. From showcasing summer skin via IPL & HSR Permanent Hair Removal (great for lighter hair too) to the latest Autumn Facial packed with immune boosting minerals like magnesium, cooper, zinc & calcium, Claudia cares for your year-round needs. Oh, and did we mention, pedicures & manicures are, of course, on the menu.

2. Claudia Herself. She is absolutely lovely! Born in the Swiss Countryside, her English is perfect and she’s excited to have Expats and International Women visit her salon. You’ll notice immediately her warmness, excitement for beauty and refreshing spunk not to mention her impeccable talents to administer a relaxing massage.

3. Location. Nestled along the vibrant Forchastrasse, 2 stops from Kruezeplatz, enter the crisp, clean & almost clinical cosmetics studio. With dark wooden floors contrasting the floor to ceiling white walls, Claudia (with help from her family and boyfriend) refurbished the location with 1 goal in mind: her clients’ comfort.

4. A Touch of France. The name Élu derives from the French word, “elected” and after sampling oh so many various brands, Claudia handpicked Sothys as her product of choice for client treaments. Ladies…once you smell the sweet, soft, floral aromas of Sothys, you’ll know why!

5. Private. It’s a 1-client salon. 1 Treatment Room, 1 Foyer and 1 Claudia. You don’t have to worry about bumping into someone you know…distracting noise or stumbling through German with the receptionist…it’s very private which every now and then, we all really crave!



Owner Claudia is a Swiss, German, French & English speaking beautician specializing in IPL & SHR Permanent Hair Removal, seasonal Facials, make up application and manicures & pedicures. Loving Sothys sweet, floral products, she provides a private studio, online booking and amazingly friendly & professional service.




+41 44 381 89 75


Forchstrasse 103, 8032 Zurich


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