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Cheers to Summer Wines

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 17, 2019

Terrace parties, picnics in the park and spontaneous lakeside meetups are just around the corner…time to stock up your personal selection of summer wines so you can simply grab-and-go with ease!

We asked our friends at Steinfels La Maison du Vin for a selection of wines that are sure to be well liked for any given occasion.


Avancia Cuvée de o Godello Valdeorras DO 2016 – 20.00*
Goes well with seafood of all kinds and cold dishes
“Over the millennia the Sil river has carved deep ravines into the indigenous slate as it meanders towards the Atlantic Ocean. The terrain is inhospitable agriculturally for all but the most tenacious vines. The Godello grape is well acclimated to this environment and has been grown here since the Middle Ages. The steep hillside vineyards provide an excellent location to capture the sun in a region where morning mist is a daily occurrence. The glistening clusters of Godello produce an elegant dry wine with hints of ripe pears, refreshing citrus and a bracing minerality.”

Kalkmergel Riesling Trocken 2016, Uli Metzger – 14.30*
Goes well with scampi, salmon and cream cheese
“A fresh, fruity, light wine with a bouquet of grapefruit, lemon, tannin and lychee, as well as a supple, harmonious structure with a pronounced fruit aroma on the palate.”

Grüner Veltliner Terrassen 2017, Domäne Wachau – 15.50*
Goes well with aperitif and cold dry meat starters, Asian dishes, legumes, vegetable gratin and soft cheese
“Fresh and fruity, this light yellow wine has an intense scent of apple that infatuates the nose, with some lime and herbal notes and a hint of lime blossom and pepper. With the first sip, this white wine is very fresh and dry, soft, full and harmonious. Its fruit aroma and floral notes are good on the palate.”


Pink by Lea Metzger 2018, Uli Metzger – 13.20*
Goes well with aperitifs, desserts and Asian specialities
“A light and fresh rosé with a pleasant sweet and sour play. On the palate, flavors of strawberry, elderberry and raspberry are convincing.”


Tarima Organic Alicante DO 2017, Bodegas Volver – 10.70*
Goes well with meat platters, cooked meats, Asian food, pasta and pizza or hearty meat, mushroom and poultry dishes.
“The bouquet is strong with acacia blossom, deep spice and red fruits. Powerful and full-bodied on the palate with a velvety tannin structure and a tempting structure. Impressed with aromas of blue and black fruits. Mineral finale with good length.”

Bastide Miraflors Côtes du Roussillon AOC 2016, Domaine Lafage – 17.80*
Goes well with ham, dried meat and salami, meat dishes with cream sauce and lasagna.
“This ruby ​​red cuvée is balanced and fruity. Its strong bouquet is dominated by notes of ripe wild berries, followed by cherry, plum and sour cherry and a hint of vanilla. When drunk, the wine is slightly sweet, with very prominent tannins and a harmonious, full-bodied structure. Berries, dried fruits and roasted aromas are complemented by stone fruit and slightly spicy attributes and a long finish.”

Merlot del Locarnese Ticino DOC San Carlo 2016, Vini & Distillati Angelo Delea SA – 21.00*
Goes well with pasta, risotto, mushrooms and meat dishes such as rabbit, roast beef and lamb and cheese.
“Fruity, balanced and lasting presents this black and red Merlot. Scents of strawberry, blueberry and hints of floral and vegetable notes are rising in the nose. On the palate, it is pleasantly sweet, full-bodied, mild and harmonic. Notes of dried fruit join the fruit aroma and round off the enjoyment of a long finish.”

*When purchasing, don’t forget to mention “Girlfriend Guide” for 10% off and free delivery when you purchase 6 bottles or more. Conveniently place your order via: order@steinfelsweine.ch

Steinfels La Maison du Van
Pfingstweidstrasse 6, 8005 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 43 444 48 44

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