Celebrating Sundays Everyday with This Hard Seltzer

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 24, 2020

Allow us to introduce you to our new favorite beverage. Sundays Hard Seltzer just launched in Switzerland and whether you want to chill with friends by the lake on summer days, fireside in winter, or just have something refreshing and sugar free on hand for anyone popping by for a visit…you’re guaranteed to have a few of these chilled in the refrigerator for any occasion. Here’s why we love Sundays…

Simply Delicious

There are just 3 high-quality ingredients that are entirely Swiss crafted:

Sparkling Water

Fermented Alcohol – 4%


Sure, we all love a beer from time to time, but this “liquid bread” in a bottle can easily add an unwelcome beer belly in no time. With Sundays Hard Seltzer, health conscious friends can enjoy drinking mindfully with no gluten, no additional sugars or sweeteners. The carbonated water comes directly from the Swiss Alps, the alcohol base is made from fermented ingredients for a nice buzz, and the sweet fruit flavors are 100% natural and delicious, delivering a sophisticated finish on your palate. All this is sugar-free and enjoyed with a guilt-free 75 calories per serving. PS. A serving is the full bottle…no sneaking marketing tricks with Sundays.

“Life is always better
when you’re laughing.
Share a Sundays Hard Seltzer
with those who make you smile”

Sunday Smiles…Everyday

How can we resist a refreshing drink that is low in calories, bursting with flavor and shared with friends? It simply makes you happy! Life is too short to worry about the small stuff and life is best enjoyed with the people you love. Hold onto those Sunday summer vibes every day, especially now while the season is changing. The workweek is much more fun when you can have an hour (or more!) of Sundays built into your day, and weekend brunch is perfectly paired with a sugar free Sundays Hard Seltzer. Now, which flavor to choose?

In the Know

When it comes to Hard Seltzer, there are two groups of people « those that know » and « those that don’t know». Once you know…you simply enjoy when you can get your hands on one and there’s no turning back. Within Switzerland, there are a few companies who have brought this “hard” sparkling mineral water to the local market.

The first company to launch was Zurich-based Nylo, the largest warehouse and consumer favorite currently belongs to Bubblz who was also the first completely sugar-free Seltzer on the market. Sparklys was also among the first to join the Hard Seltzer collection in Switzerland with their refreshing maracuja flavor, and John’s Züri Hard Seltzer is a local favorite as they are small distillery in Bülach near Zurich and one of the few made from real fruit concentrate not just flavoring. We are currently on the hunt for all of the above and will look forward to sharing our side-by-side taste test comparing our impressions in our follow-up article!

Paying it Forward

What goes around comes around and the team behind Sundays Hard Seltzer is no stranger to charitable initiatives. Katy Lee is one of the founders and she had her hands busy working directly with artisans from Kenya to India for FEED fashion, where consumer decisions had a direct impact on people’s lives around the world, including the 117-million+ meals served thanks to this forward-thinking brand established in 2007.

Sundays Hard Seltzer is committed to giving a portion of all sales to support the clean water initiatives sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, as well as working to offset 100% of carbon emissions by filling in fully post-consumer recycled bottles and aluminum cans.

The Passion

We love a great startup story and the team behind Sundays Hard Seltzer crafted the idea in Zurich, perfected it in Bern and produced it in Winterthur. The brainchild of Swiss and American friends living in Zurich, they partnered with local cultural ambassadors and industry innovators to bring Sundays Hard Seltzer to life. From conception to distribution, it has been just a few short months and this brand is rolling full steam ahead.

Similar to what happened in the US market where smaller Hard Seltzer companies have attracted the attention of beer giants noticing a pinch in revenues, Swiss beer companies will soon introduce their own versions of Hard Seltzer to be easily found on grocery store shelves…but we hope you consider supporting passionate producers such as the ones mentioned above!

Cheers to Sundays!

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