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Burrito Spots in Zurich

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 6, 2018

“Have you checked out this new burrito spot?” is not something you expect to hear in Zurich. One of our Zuri Girls, a Los Angeles woman, used to plenty of burrito options felt hopeless in her search and couldn’t come to terms with settling for a European hybrid of an Asian sticky rice burrito with cloves inside.

She set out on a Burrito quest to hunt down the best options for a good California-style burrito and discovered 3 places to share with you.

Cheers to fixing that burrito craving!


Burrito: Zapote puts feta on their burritos which tastes amazing. The rice doesn’t have the gritty Hispanic taste so much but it does have a kick. You can actually taste the spices and the combination of flavors is really good.

We loved noticing the shallow black bean pot hinting at fresh ingredients and not the normal mass-production kitchen.

Chips and Salsa | Guacamole: The chips are salty, thicker, and with way less grease than expected. They have the best Mexican chip crunch. You won’t have to salt the tasty guacamole with these babies. They also have a hint of lime and little sweetness, almost like nutmeg.

Ambience: A California vibe with communal style surfboard tables featuring high-top tables and also lower “normal” tables (especially helpful for stroller-toting parents). The music isn’t too loud and a mix of 70’s chill pop and old rock. John Mayer fans will be pleased!

Zuri Girl Tip: A super-friendly husband & wife own the Löwenstrasse location. Don’t be afraid to say hello!


Löwenstrasse 11, 8001 Zurich (map)

Binzalle 4, 8055 Zurich (map)

Richtiplatz 4, 8304 Wallisellen (map)

Zapote Website

Burrito Brothers

Burrito: California dreamers go for the Embarcadero. A combo of sensational flavors including rice, pinto beans, chicken, salsa verde, sour cream, cheese, coriander and jalapeños wrapped in a flour tortilla with oh so good rice.

Chips and Salsa | Guacamole: The chips are a little thicker than you’d expect but still tasty.

Ambience: The Löwenstrasse location is fairly new and works like a fast-food style pay counter, but the food is brought to you at the table. Seating is mostly upstairs and while we saw a wheelchair lift, we need to scope out to see if there’s a proper elevator for strollers.

Zuri Girl Tip: Ask for your burrito to be extra warm as a few times our has been a little on the chilly side.


Löwenstrasse 51, 8001 Zurich (map)

Route du Simplon 37, 1845 Noville (map)

EPFL Campus – Quartier Nord “Les Arcades”, 1024 Ecublens (map)

Rue Rousseau 29, 1200 Genève (map)

Burrito Brothers Website

Burrito District

Burrito: Zuri Girl tried the Tipsy Chicken burrito with spicy sauce opting for the small size (CHF 9 vs. 14) which was plenty filling and spicy food lovers will be in heaven. The chicken is pulled, ingredients fresh, and the burrito has a sweet taste to it. Not as gritty or Mexican food tasting as we’re used to but still good.

Chips and Salsa | Guacamole:  If you order chips and guac the bag you get is big with a capital B! But we weren’t so thrilled with the taste as the chips are much like a movie theatre nacho box and the guacomole is rather bland and the salsa is a bit more like pasta sauce than pico de gallo. Maybe stick to the burrito here ladies.

Ambience: The entrance feels quite like an underground hangout with the automatic door somewhat disguised as a window. It has cement walls, neon lights, Hispanic artwork and a retro flip clock.

Zuri Girl Tip: Opt for outdoor seating with small kids as the music playing during our visit had quite a lot of curse words that would be better off not explaining to a tiny tot.


Preyergasse 8, 8001 Zürich (map)

Burrito District Website

Article & Images by Zuri Girl Francesca Phillips is a writer and expat living in Switzerland. In her previous life, she worked in the music industry for six years in Los Angeles. As an avid reader and holder of a degree in Psychology, she covers topics related to self-improvement, finding your purpose, and experiences in Europe. She’s a contributor for The Writing Cooperative, her own blog, and Medium. When she’s not inspiring creatives to be a light in the world you’ll find her traveling, hanging with her husband, eating chocolate pretzels and obsessing over dogs on Instagram.

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