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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 23, 2018

To all of our curvy ladies out there! Anna-Maree has been living in Switzerland since 2010 and didn’t know where to shop for larger bra sizes that were stylish and at affordable prices.  It was a hassle to find a bra and that’s why she started her own business, Bratique.  Beautiful bras, fitted just right, and at a reasonable price.  Can it get any better?

This mother of a seven year old and former accountant, found her passion in the bra industry right here in Switzerland.  She discovered the beauty in bras and the need for some serious bra fitting.  After all, nearly 80% of all women wear the wrong size of bras, and it’s so much better when you’re accurately sized.

Her sizing tip?  “Just go and get fitted!”

After some serious research, Anna-Maree discovered some of the best, “larger bra,” companies out there.  She read blogs, she contacted other women like her, and she received samples to experience herself. Which brands did she find to be the best?

Hotmilk, a New Zealand brand for nursing, and two Polish brands,  Nessa and Gorsenia, which are becoming a leader in the market for bigger sized lingerie. She also carries the attractive and supportive Freya Active sports bra line. Not only has she found wonderful brands with full support and coverage, but also beautiful bra and panty sets to complete the look under your daily attire. The lingerie she sells ranges from EU band sizes 60 to 110 and cups B to S…and with many lovely patterns and designs.

Best part?  No difficult return policy. You can try before you buy! You can return up to 14 days and receive a full refund. We highly recommend you visit her showroom in Uster for a professional bra fitting and Anna-Maree available for personalized bra fittings through 8 December this year.

Whether you prefer to shop in person, or online, you are welcome to enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase with code: MGG02 through 28 February 2019!

Charity Opportunity: Until the end of March 2019, Bratique is collecting gently used bras on behalf of Soutien Girls, an organisation that sends bras to Nigeria and distributes them to woman that have no financial support…what a wonderful opportunity to clean our your lingerie drawer!

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*The article was created in collaboration with and sponsored by Bratique.ch. We find the content interesting and important for our readers who also have trouble finding beautiful bras that fit well in sizes larger than a D-cup. We hope you enjoy learning about this service as much as we do!

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