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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 6, 2018
Some secrets are worth sharing, and this is one that is too good to keep to ourselves. Designer clothing for up to 80% off the ticket price? Shipped to our front door? Yes please!

Ladies, allow us to introduce you to BestSecret.ch and tell you all the many reasons why we are in love with this company:

The Secret
If you are in on the secret, you can find your current season designer threads for 20% off the ticket price on BestSecret.ch. Meanwhile, the ladies next door are buying the same exact items in stores for full price. Here is how it works…designers produce a limited number of clothing per season. Retail stores purchase a selected number of clothing, but there are always designer garments left over in storage and simply too beautiful to be picked through in an outlet shop. This is where BestSecret steps in to save the day!

The Exclusivity
This is a private shopping community for members only. The reason behind the private access membership community is that exclusive brands to do want to be mentioned publicly. However, behind a password protected site for qualified shoppers, you can shop the BestSecret outlet in total privacy. Membership is free and you are not obliged to make a purchase or invite additional members to maintain your membership status…you can peek behind the curtain if you wish!

The Selection
With over 3,000 designer brands and 500 new offers added to the online store daily at midnight, you will find something for everyone, including Men, Women and Children! All purchased are delivered to your door from a warehouse located in Switzerland within 3-5 days so you never have to worry about paying additional annoying customs charges. If you are familiar with Zolando, you know how easy online shopping can be! Shipping is only CHF 4.90 for your purchase and returns are not only hassle-free, shipping is also free!

The Loyalty Program
Once you place your first order, you will receive a gift voucher for CHF 20 off your purchase of CHF 80 or more.
Gold Status, earn 5%. Free shipping. Return policy is 21 days instead of 14 days.

The First Impression
We accepted our membership invitation link just now and at first glance we are seeing gorgeous threads for only CHF 11.90, original price over CHF 100…YES it is true.  Trust us, this is a secret worth sharing.


BestSecret Website

Zuri Girl Tip: If you were a FashionFriends.ch member, your membership status has been transferred to BestSecret.ch who is now the parent company who bought out Fashion Friends. 

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