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Be Spoiled at Accademia del Gusto

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on January 31, 2016

Good food can spoil you. Good Italian food can spoil your enjoyment of other cuisines. And good Italian food with the best of ingredients can spoil your appreciation of your (formerly) favorite restaurants!

In Zurich ZuriGirl has found an Italian restaurant that declares the intention to spoil you. They have chosen by Gourmedia several times the 1st place of the best Italian restaurant in Zurich. Let’s see if we were spoiled.

Accademia del Gusto

The Food

The restaurant calls their cuisine Mediterranean Nouvelle, but we see it all Italian. There are many voluptuous pasta and risotto dishes that you don’t see often elsewhere in Zurich like Agnolotti with Barolo sauce in the Piedmont style (31 CHF, 23 CHF for a small portion,) or lemon risotto with red shrimp tartare and basil pesto (45 CHF, 30 CHF for a small portion.) The main dishes are equally seducing to spoil us with the unusual concoctions like duo of veal fillet and foie gras with sweet onion – Parmesan cream (58 CHF), braised veal cheeks on Barolo sauce with mashed potatoes (45 CHF), or US beef with Steinpilz truffle sauce (50 CHF.) There is also a grill menu which sounds simple but the juicy US fillet cut (50 CHF for 200 grams) being served to the next table was such a feast of the eye that Zuri Girl was not sure if our observation remained discreet.

Accademia del Gusto

Fish lovers would also be well spoiled by a dish like roasted John Dory fillet on chick-pea cream with caviar (50 CHF.) Some people may have been spoiled already from the antipasti options like calamari tentacles on a bed of vegetables(25 CHF) and scallops on pea cream with sprouts (24 CHF.)

Because the restaurant emphasizes in using fresh ingredients of the season, there is daily menu created from the best seasonal ingredients they could put their hands on. On the day Zuri Girl went, there was a simple fried Steinplilz in garlic which the taste was mind-blowing. But the real spoiler is tortellone stuffed with ricotta and raw egg yolk, and topped with a mountain of black truffle. Since it is a spoiler, it is better for us not to tell much but to leave here a picture of oozing yolk when the thin tortellone is popped open.

PS. Wed’ be happy to discuss what you think in the comment box after you try it…

Accademia del Gusto


The Drinks

In the 11 pages of the wine menu, they have wine from many countries to keep their guests spoiled further, but of course the longest list is Italian wine.

The Ambience

From a black and white minimal sign outside the restaurant, we didn’t expect a more classic décor inside. That is polished wooden floor matching the wooden wall panel, grey upholstered chairs with round wood frames, and 2 big chandeliers in the middle. Not too luxe and not too simple. Zuri Girl wouldn’t say it’s stunning or super impressive in the time when every new restaurant works hard to impress guests with creative décor, but it meets Swiss standard and is not too overwhelming to take the attention away from the food. It works as a place to be well spoiled, though.

The Location

Accademia del Gusto is located near Volkshaus in Zurich District 4, just a short stroll from Helvetiaplatz.

Accademia del Gusto

Why We Love It

THAT killing egg yolk tortellino and Saint-Honoré cake. We are totally spoiled….

Zuri Girl Tips

On weekdays there is lunch menu at 28.00 – 45.00 CHF of an appetizer and a main dish. Check out their seasonal daily specials.

Accademia del Gusto

Rotwandstrasse 48, 8004 Zürich

+41 44 241 62 43 | Accademia del Gusto Website

Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 11:30-14:00 18:30-24:00, Sa: 18:00-24:00

Accademia del Gusto


Fah Bio PhotoArticle & select Photos created by Zuri Girl Fah Panyada Ruengskul; a corporate marketeer from Bangkok who turned into a housewife-cum-entrepreneur in Zurich. Fah’s hobby is writing travel articles and gastronomy. After living in Sao Paulo for almost 3 years, she published 6 travel books of which 4 are about Latin American countries. Her latest book “Europe Beyond Sky” features skiing and dining experience in Gstaad among 5 other European cities. Check Fah’s travel and gastronomic exploration at her blog | Facebook | Instagram 



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