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Autumn Break in Jura

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on October 17, 2018

Take a break this autumn to enjoy the leaves changing colors, the crisp air, and the beautiful valleys of Canton Jura. There is so much to do in the area, but here are our top favorites for the season:

La Balade de la Sorcière – The Witches Walk: A walk perfect for children of all ages! Follow the Witch’s Path through the vineyards – and the trail of the Geneva philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The medieval town of La Neuveville holds many ancient secrets. The town lies along the shores of Lake Biel and the trail leads up the hill to a beautiful look out point. Discover the believed hidden powers of medicinal plants, florals, trees, stones and water on this interesting hike in Jura Bernois.

Zuri Girl Tip:  A brochure and map are available in the tourism office.  The entrance to the town is where the path begins, just follow it up the hill, through the forest, and into the vineyards. 

Doubs Nature Park: Forty kilometers in length, the Doubs River traces along the border of France. To the south, the Freiberg Mountains with their typical forest and meadow landscape are part of a 378-square-meter Nature Park. Ideal for pleasure hikers and bikers, or just for people who want to enjoy a nice walk around the lake near by. The medieval town of Saint Ursanne is worth the stop along the way.

Zuri Girl Tip: This area is best reached by car, however Saint Ursanne is also accessible by train. 

A Visit to Saint Ursanne: Although several hundred people live here today, Saint Ursanne, on the banks of the river Doubs, has remained a place of relaxation and tranquility. The picturesque town consists mainly of medieval edifices and burgher houses dating from the 14th and 16th century.

Highlight: The Old Town and monastery are a MUST if you come to this region. You will also find beautiful bridges and an imposing Romanesque-Gothic collegiate church with cloisters.

The Feast of St. Martin (November 9-12): When November comes around, the people of Jura prepare their feast! At this time the harvests have been brought in and most of the farm work is done. It is a time to pause for a while and take the opportunity to celebrate.  The menu varies slightly but normally contains everything pig!  Check out the website for more info on where to go and what to do! Be sure to check out the market in Porrentruy, selling local and home-made products.

Zuri Girl Tip. If you are not a fan of the typically served dish: blood sausage, you may not like this feast, but there are other options available!

Try the Local Cheese: Have you ever heard of the cheese, Tête de Moine (head of the monk)?  Well you should! It is a round, semi-hard cheese weighing around 800 grams (almost 2 pounds) with a silky body that easily melts in your mouth. Make a tour of the Tête de Moine House in Bellelay or buy some cheese online. Museum Website

Zuri Girl Tip: The best way to eat this cheese is by buying a “Girolle” or “Pirouette.”  The device lets air into the cheese with each slice for an even better taste. The monks of the Bellelay Abbey used the same method. 

A Sightseeing Tour in Porrentruy: A fall favorite in the region, The Secret Circuit of Porrentruy is adorned with pumpkins and spiders. Between October 6- November 4, this circuit allows you to discover the secret places which the city of Porrentruy conceals. Equipped with a digital key, the visitor has access to several unusual places in the Castle and the old town, some of which are staged by sound and light animations.


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