Ariane Tavakol

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 3, 2017
She dares you to dream by sharing interviews with leaders and influencers.

Ariane Tavakol is the Creative Director of the popular Webzine, Discover Out Loud. This literary journey covers all of Ariane’s passions: food, travel, fashion and thought provoking interviews with leaders where she wants to “inspire dreaming, actions and reactions”. We love her dedication to sharing stories about successful failures to help ensure successful growth.

We caught up with Ariane to learn a bit more about what makes her tick…

Job Related

What do you love most about your job?
Learn, Meet, Inspire and Empower not only myself but also others.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
I’m a Social Introvert!
I love to cook and invite people over. Sharing food is sharing love. The more love we give the more we get back.

Local Tips

Favorite restaurant/cafe in Zurich?
I really enjoy Lindenhofkeller, a classic in Zurich. Always consistent. Great service, atmosphere, food and wine!  The owner Rene Hofer is hands-on and never misses a beat.


Who inspires you and why?
Many people inspire me, especially those who are about making a positive impact around them (on a small or large scale). People who never let a NO deter them from reaching their goals even if it means to fail a few times. Namely Compassionate, Smart, Driven, Witty, Generous, and Empathetic people.


What advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t worry so much. The past is gone and the future is not here yet so focus on the now. You can achieve anything you want as long as you put your mind and work into it. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own journey and path on this earth.

Ariane Tavakol
Discover Out Loud

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