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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 30, 2019

Inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, Ann&Line is designed by Caroline Bodmer from Paris with love.

There are many Swiss Fashion Designers that are so incredibly creative, modern and passionate. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their designs and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their brand. Join us on a journey of discovering all things fashionably Swiss…allow us to introduce you to Ann&Line.

GG: Tell us about your brand name
Ann&Line: The name “Ann&Line” is the link between my life as an active designer and my life as a loving mother: “Ann” for Anaïs, the beginning of my daughter’s first name and “Line” the end of my own first name, Caroline.

GG: Tell us about your logo
Ann&Line: When I was younger my mother gave me a lucky charm in the shape of Ann&Line’s today’s logo. It’s my way to share my luck with all people. 

GG: How would you describe your designs?
Ann&Line: My designs have a chic, Parisian and feminine style with a touch of romance. They give you an effortless elegant style. Chic but never too overdressed. 

GG: Where are most of your items produced?
Ann&Line: Most of my designs are made in a small workshop in Paris. A few items are also made in Portugal and Bulgaria. The production is done in very small series to cultivate the notion of exclusivity, rarity, high quality but at the fairest price. 

GG: What is your earliest memory of being inspired by fashion?
Ann&Line: When I was 7 years old my whole room was filled with Vogue covers as I already loved fashion. 

GG: What is your fashion influence? Travel? People? Fashion Weeks?
Ann&Line: I get most of my inspiration from looking at people. Especially in the streets of Paris. 

GG: What is your favorite piece you ever designed?
Ann&Line: My favorite piece ever is the coat „Victoire“. It’s a timeless piece. Thanks to it’s fabric and the lovely details it’s special anyway. 

GG: What are your favorite fabrics/textures?
Ann&Line: It really depends on the clothes. I like silk for tops, cool wool for pants and cashmere for coats. The most important is the quality of the fabrics. 

GG: Where do you source your fabrics and where are your fashions produced?
Ann&Line: In Portugal, Italy & Japan

GG: Can you give some fashion advice to our readers?
Ann&Line: In my opinion it is really important to be brave and make stylistic inconsistencies. Wear a suit with a band shirt, a pencil skirt with sneakers… Invent yourself new every day. 

GG: Where can we shop your designs?
Ann&Line: My designs are available in our showroom in Zurich, as well as in our online shop. In addition you can find them in a few selected boutiques. 

GG: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer
Ann&Line: I love the process from having an idea, finding the perfect fabric for it and then seeing the prototype for the first time.

Ann&Line Showroom
Forchstrasse 179, 8032 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 79 467 61 35

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