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Angela Weinberger

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 17, 2016

Author of The Global Career Workbook

Angela Weinberger_headshotFocused on expats, she’s an Intercultural Career Advisor and Entrepreneur who just launched a new book, The Global Career Workbook, geared at helping transients develop their career path in the Swiss marketplace.

We caught up with Angela to learn a bit more about what makes her tick…

Job Related

What do you love most about your job?
I love to see the sparkle in my client’s eyes when they understood how they can be more successful at finding a job or in their career in general. After most coaching sessions I feel energized when my client leaves the room in a better mood than when he or she came in.


Tell us about you at home…how do you unwind?
I am an India fan and not only enjoy the country and the food but I watch Bollywood movies and am subscribed to the German Bollywood magazine ISHQ. For a few years I practiced Bollywood dancing with Stuti Aga (Nachle). When I listen to Bollywood music I smile and move automatically.

Local Tips

Favorite Cafe in Zurich?
In my neighborhood “Wilder Mann” in Freie Strasse has just reopenend. This is a neighborhood hangout but with a modern twist. They have great breakfast on Saturdays.


What inspires you and why?
My clients are my inspiration and the reason to get up in the morning. In the corporate world I did not always feel that my contribution had such an impact on people’s lives. Now, I see how I make lives a little better every day and I want to reach more professionals around the world.


Career advice to my younger self
Build a strong network and seek out mentors who are at least 20 years older than you. Listen to your parents and grandparents as they have valid experience. If someone tells you “This is not possible…” take it as a challenge and invitation to change.


Global People Transitions
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