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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 5, 2019

She supports, connects and is an advocate for women.

The first social club and workspace for women in Zurich, Birdhaus Social, has a new owner. Ana Paula Tediosi was born in Brazil and grew up in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Balancing motherhood with 2 children, a career in the pharmaceutical industry, a calendar filled with presidential duties and volunteering engagements, she casually introduces herself as “Ana, just Ana” while selflessly using her platform to highlight the women around her.

We caught up with Ana to see what makes her tick.

Job Related

GG: What, or who, inspired you to enter the field of work you are in now? 
Ana Tediosi: I have been volunteering for Professional Women’s Group of Zurich since 5 years. I’m a firm advocate of gender equality and I want women to succeed in their professional and private life. Becoming the new owner of Birdhaus Social feels like a natural step in my professional development. Birdhaus is a beautiful space where women can grow professionally, take care of themselves and take care of their tribe while having sustainable behaviors. 


GG: Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Ana Tediosi: I used to dance salsa a lot before I become a mom. With all my activities I cannot go anymore to classes and parties. Now, I dance with my children at home and I teach them the to follow the rhythm and to let their bodies go with the music.  

Local Tips

GG: Tell us about you out on the town…any favorite restaurants or boutiques that we should checkout?
Ana Tediosi: I love the city of Zurich, there is so much to do! I especially like to have healthy soups at Simply Soup for lunch, as well as brunches and summer dinners at Fork&Bottle.  


GG: How do you keep organized? 
Ana Tediosi: This is a big challenge for someone like me who has a multitude of activities. I always keep a to do lists with me and have 2 categories: urgent stuff to be done in that day, and other stuff which can wait a couple of days. I’m also very diligent with my emails. Once an email is processed, I archive it. My inbox usually contains only to do’s emails.


GG: What advice would you give to your younger self? 
Ana Tediosi: I will tell me: take life less seriously. I was too serious, too focus on projecting a serious image of myself. Now I understand that the best is to be natural and be more flexible. And if things are not going according to the plan, I change the plan and keep cool. 

Ana Paula Tediosi
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