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GG Zurich posted on August 8, 2016

It’s summer time in Zurich which means a few things … many people head out of town – to the mountains or the shore – but many smart people stay put and enjoy all the quieter city has to offer.

One of our favorite things about summer in Zurich is the eco-friendly, carbon-neutral Allianz Outdoor Kino. (Formerly Orange, formerly Salt, but don’t let that confuse you – it’s the same amazing place!)

It is the 5th and final week of the 2016 Allianz Cinema Program and we never get tired of watching the enormous screen go from being parallel to the Zurichsee raise to greet the crowd of outdoor theater spectators. It takes a few moments but it’s worth it. Such a feat – only in Switzerland! After all, if it stayed up all the time, we’d loose our precious view of Alps and we surely can’t have that, now can we?

This week we can look forward to:

Throw in some refreshments and fabulous catering from the likes of Hiltl and Roc’s Kitchen (among others) and you can’t ask for a better way to spend a summer evening in our fair city. . . Rain or shine!

Full Allinz Cinema Movie Program


Photo courtesy of Allianz Cinema

Kristen VermilyeaContributed by: Zuri Girl Kristen Vermilyea, an American actor, filmmaker, writer and artist who has lived in Zurich for nearly 6 years. She hosts the Zurich Film Festival TV show and is a social media and film consultant.  When not watching and writing about film, she keeps busy attempting to learn to play new instruments as her four year old daughter has insisted they start a band.


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