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Afternoon Tea in Zurich

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 1, 2012

Afternoon Tea is a fun way to spend the day enjoying friends, family & good gossip surrounded by tasty treats. Here’s our favorite pics in Zurich….enjoy gals!


Eden au Lac

The classy décor, priceless view and intimate atmosphere makes the Afternoon Tea at the historic 5-star hotel, Eden au Lac, a “no brainer” for entertaining out-of-towners, impressing in-laws, or Zuri Girl’s favorite…chatting the afternoon away with your girlfriends.

Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the impressive Afternoon Tea selection yet!  It begins with a tea medley consisting of over 15 assortments with an emphasis on black and green teas followed by a range of sweeter, flavored teas.  If you prefer, you may begin with a Prosecco and then tea…whichever you fancy! Following the arrival of your white porcelain tea kettle, the delightful and mostly English speaking wait staff will serve your impressive 3-tier Afternoon Tea tray tempting you with a range of in-house specialties.

The usual Afternoon Tea suspects of cucumber, salmon, cream cheese and egg finger sandwiches are accompanied by a few unique touches, such as mini crepes, tasting absolutely scrumptious topped with apricot jam. The 2nd tier presented Zuri Girl’s favorite of the day…mini short-bread…oh my, they must come with hundreds of calories, but certainly worth every single one! These are delicious and, so reminds us of a rainy day in England!  The third tier invites you to a selection of delicious scones and double-whipped cream, leaving you craving for seconds (just ask – you may certainly request more).

What Zuri Girl loves most about Eden au Lac is the setting.  The marble pillars, stucco walls and ceiling-high windows overlook Lake Zurich providing a perfect view of the gorgeous skyline (its actually the only luxury hotel located directly on the steps of Lake Zurich).  While you want to gaze out at this picture perfect view, the interior also captivates you.  The furniture arrangement creates an intimate setting with several long, lounge style tables decorated with fresh flowers and surrounded by oversized blue & gold armchairs and couches, but separated fairly well from the other tables so if you have 6 – 8 in your party, it creates a private, intimate setting.

The delectable crumpets, intimate atmosphere and stunning location will make you feel a bit like royalty!

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eden au lac


The Carlton

After spending a late morning shopping along Bahnhofstrasse, walk just steps off the main street and relax your feet, store your shopping bags and enjoy a British style High Tea.

If you have been to the Carlton After-Work Party, you might not recognize the location as it transforms itself into a darling teahouse inviting you to a relaxing afternoon sipping fine tea.

The cosmopolitan style room toasted with bronze, gold and aubergine colors radiate with warmth and while the main seating area is a bit formal, if you are craving a cozy feeling, request a booth along the wall.

Whichever is your preference, it is absolutely recommended to make a reservation to ensure availability and that your table size fits your party.  Because the Afternoon Tea is only offered a few months a year, it is very popular and sometimes difficult to reserve your preferred time slot.

The tea menu is exquisite and extensive with 25 variations stemming from across the world, each with their own description and served with endless helpings of hot water.

Your oversized tea kettle is served with tasty portions beginning with finger sandwiches and sweets followed by a serving of scones and clotted cream.  There is a wide assortment of finger sandwiches including roast beef, salmon, sausage terrine, eggs, cucumber and more so even the pickiest of eaters will find a delightful bite.

Zuri Girl’s top pick are the sweet treats served alongside the sandwiches.  Beautifully decorated sweet and savoury tarts and cakes tempt your palette and since a few are topped with fresh fruit, you forget how devilish they are.  Zuri Girl absolutely loves the vanilla pastry shells filled with cream and berries…yum!

Once you have wallowed enough of the day away, before bidding adieu, the wait staff will present you with a hot scone and clotted cream.   The scones are presented to the table individually so don’t be shy…if you’d like another ask…they are too good to only have just one!

The Carlton Restaurant Afternoon Tea will make you actually welcome a rainy day…simply hide away for hours in the dimly lit warmth of your tea!

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Miyuko also serves Afternoon Tea, but we haven’t been there yet…
Have a favorite location to enjoy Afternoon Tea? Please comment below or email us!



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