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Aeschbach and the World of Chocolate

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 23, 2016

Coming to Switzerland may feel like you are entering a world of chocolate, but until you’ve visited Aeschbach Chocolatier’s ChocoWelt you haven’t yet experienced a world truly filled with chocolate. Aeschbach chocolate factory

Chocowelt in Central Switzerland

Aeschbach is to central Switzerland as Lindt-Sprüngli is to Zurich – the premier chocolate of the region. Want to find out for yourself? In ChocoWelt you can try several varieties of Aeschbach chocolate and ingredients located all throughout the exhibit. While sampling these tasty morsels, you will learn the history of the cocoa trade, the different types of cocoa found in the world and how/what a nib is. Hint: without it there would be no chocolate! You’ll also learn about the craft of a chocolatier and how those cute hollow Easter bunnies are actually made. One impressive fact that we picked up is that some varieties of cocoa trees actually grow the nut on the trunk and not the branches. Who would have thought?!

At the end of your visit you can enjoy a snack at the ChocoCafé or purchase something from the ChocoLaden shop, but we recommend spending a little extra time (and cash) to make your very own Aeschbach chocolate bar. In fact, you even save a few Francs and gain the experience of making your own bar rather than just buying it from the shop. Choose milk or dark chocolate and spend the next five minutes (before the chocolate sets) adding all kinds of ingredients to your bar: nuts, dried fruit, spices, Smarties, white chocolate. Once the chocolate hardens, you have your own souvenir!

chocolate factoryWhat we love about Aeschbach

 – A generous amount of their chocolate is packed by hand! You can witness the care for their craft by peeking through the viewing windows in their factory while touring ChocoWelt

 – Their floral inspired packaging is so decorative and creative. Flowers and chocolate go so well together as us Zuri Girls already know.

 – You know their chocolate better than you may think! While Aeschbach makes their own brand of chocolate, they also provide branded chocolate (including the beloved Swiss Schoggitaler) to many other companies. It’s likely that you’ve had Aeschbach chocolate plenty of times without even knowing it.

Aeschbach in Zurich

Although chocolate world may be a few minutes away in Canton Luzern, you can enter “chocolate heaven” (as the door sign reads), in Zurich’s Niederdorf. Aeschbach shop manager Danièle has lived in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and runs her chocolate shop with Swiss quality and southern hospitality. It’s full of unique gifts in beautifully designed packaging and the perfect place to try authentic Kirsch chocolate direct from Canton Zug. It’s very easy to leave this shop with something for a friend and for yourself!


ChocoWelt, ChocoCafé, ChocoLaden

ChocoDromo 1a, Hochschwerzlen, 6037 Root/Luzern (map) | Aeschbach website

Aeschbach ChocoLaden Shop in Zurich

Marktgasse 9, 8001 Zurich (map) | Tuesday-Friday 11:00-18:30, Saturday 11:00-17:00

Ashley-headshot-June-2013-150x150Written by Zuri Girl Ashley Ringger…Ashley regularly contributes fun and insightful articles about life in Switzerland. She might even know more about the country than her Swiss husband! Ashley splits her working life between an international school and Set Sails Media. In her spare time this California native likes to stay active by going to the gym, sewing, traveling, and cooking with/for friends. She also can’t say no to a good book.

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