Advent Calendar: Day 9

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Top 5 Reasons we Love Blindekuh…

1. Unique. Your dining experience is completely in the dark – once you pass through the thick curtains holding the shoulders of your mates to lead the way, you have to navigate the entire evening by touching and hearing only.  Scary…Fun…Unusual…all of the above and more!

2. Not Just for Fun. Did you know the purpose of the restaurant is to help employ the blind / partially sighted and educate visitors about visual impairment? Your visit help to provide jobs for so many who might otherwise be unable to work and gives you a sense of what it’s like to live without one of your senses.

3. Stale Conversations. Not a Chance. Ok, maybe it’s a bit much for a 1st date, but we can guarantee you there will be no shortage of conversation here – such a fun night out for birthdays, team meetings, bachelorette parties and more. You’ll have lots of fun chatting about what you’re eating and where you’re utensils are. Beware of leg grabbing ladies!

4. The 1st of it’s Kind. In 1999, Zurich was the 1st Blindekuh restaurant to open. Since then they’ve opened in Basel, London, Moscow, Berlin, Franklin, New York and other similar projects throughout the world.

5. The Dinner Plate. You can’t see it to believe it, but we can tell you it’s quite delicious! The menu is changed weekly and prepared fresh daily. Before entering the “dark room” you can read the menu and select your starter, entree and dessert.

Grand Prize

CHF 120 Gift Voucher for Blindekuh Basel or Zurich


Mühlebachstrasse 148, 8008 Zurich +44 421 50 50  | Blindekuh

Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel (map) | +61 336 33 00 | Blindekuh

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