Advent Calendar: Day 7

Enter to WIN: A 3-Day Juice Cleanse from HEYLIFE!

Top 5 Reasons we Love HEYLIFE…

1. Cold Pressed. Juice may be juiced, but it’s not always the best juice. While centrifugal juicing methods are quicker and popular for most companies serving up a “healthy” beverage, we love that HEYLIFE is committed to using only hydraulic cold press methods to extract maximum nutrients out of their fruits, vegetables and herbs for each bottle so that you are receiving top quality with every sip.

2. Seduced Senses. The juices are lovely…but it’s the Nut Drinks that will seduce your senses. Silky, rich, creamy, and spicy are just some of the tantalizing sensations you will enjoy. Don’t miss their seasonal “Gingerbread” for a tasty treat…we hear it’s also yummy when served warm.

3. They Deliver. If you’re not shopping their juices at convenient spots such as Stripped Pizza, B.Good, Velocity, the Museum Rietberg cafe, or even Globus …they will deliver your order online directly to your front door with proper chilled packaging!

4. They’re Fresh. There is no heat pasteurization process used to extend the shelf-life of these tasty treats (which would kill all those fabulous nutrients)! Generally speaking, fresh juices should be enjoyed as soon as possible…but the team behind HEYLIFE use a smart “High Pressure Processing” technique …fancy words for a special hot water bath that prevents microorganisms from forming after bottling while still preserving the fresh taste and nutrients. It’s the absolute best you can get to drinking it right off the press!

5. Pick Your Hydration. Every bottle is simply delicious and full of hydrating benefits! We love a re-boot with a tummy flattening, awareness building juice-cleanse…or simply a delicous stock of healthy RAW juices, Nut Milks, Aguas Frescas and super hydrating Coconut Water in our refrigerator. Have a look at their full range of products in the online juice shop here.

Grand Prize

3-Day Juice Cleanse with HEYLIFE including free delivery to your door.

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