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Advent Calendar: Day 7

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 10, 2020

Enter to WIN: A Codex Beauty Gift, including Bia Discovery Set and 3 Soaps

Top 5 Reasons we Love Codex…

1. The Story of Bia. This plant-based skincare line was created by a Cork-based herbalist that blends ancient Irish herbal knowledge extracted from native Irish plants with modern science.

2. The Bia Products. They are light, effective and perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. The exfoliating face wash is a favorite because it uses gentle and natural jojoba grains, elderflower water, grapefruit, safflower and milk thistle oils for toning and cleansing benefits.

3. The Soaps. They are made using a traditional “cold process” method, which preserves the potency and benefits of the plant-based butters and essential oils. Codex makes efficient use of every step of the soap-making process, including reserving the extra, leftover oil, often referred to as the “superfat,” to blend into the final soap. Whether you are using the Balance, Uplift, Invigorating or Cleansing soap, each bar is complete with a proprietary mix of essential oils to leave skin feeling extra luxurious, silky smooth and respecting the skin’s natural pH.

4. The Packaging. Renewable sugar cane with a “negative carbon footprint” is utilized to encase every Codex Beauty product. It is nice using products that are not only good for your skin…but for the planet too!

5. The Company. Codex Beauty was founded in 2018 by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Barb Paldus, PhD. The bio-science approach applied to natural beauty is rather interesting because they uphold a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing process utilizing only natural ingredients…while knowing the precise source of every product used.

Codex Beauty


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