Advent Calendar: Day 4

Enter to WIN: A bottle of The Gull

Top 5 Reasons we Love The Gull…

1. The Magic. This is what happens when Mövenpick Cold Brew Coffee meets Appenzeller Säntis Malt Whiskey.

2. The History. When two Swiss companies meet to produce first-class products, they make great things. With The Gull, we discover a Swiss whiskey that is has been stored in oak beer barrels in the best Appenzeller mountain air, paired with the finest cold-brewed coffee.

3. The Flavor. Professional tasters tell us the whiskey notes are well received, so that even die-hard whiskey fans get their enjoyment. The fruity note of the whiskey is clearly recognizable, along with subtle notes of plum, caramel, malt, vanilla and licorice…all enveloped in the rich coffee flavor. The sweetness of the liqueur is pleasant and gives a creamy, soft mouthfeel.

4. The Presentation. The modern seagull with legs on the label is a warm and inviting gift to share with friends.

5. The Cocktails. Whether you decide to enjoy it over ice or mix it in a cocktail, may we recommend this one…

Sour, Joe Sour!

4cl The Gull
2cl Whiskey Edition Sigel
2cl syrup
juice of half a lime
juice of an orange quarter

Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain the drink with the strainer into a rocks glass. Decorate with citrus fruits.

Grand Prize. 1 – 5dl bottle of The Gull. Ingredients: Säntis Malt Whiskey, cold extracted coffee (water, coffee), sugar. Alcohol content: 21% Vol. Made and bottled in Appenzell in cooperation with Mövenpick Schweiz AG


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