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Advent Calendar: Day 24

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 10, 2020

Enter to WIN: A No-Nonsense Gift Set from nul worth CHF 50

Top 5 Reasons we Love nul...

1. The Ingredients. If you’ve ever tried natural products, you’ll know there’s a delicate balance between keeping it natural and keeping it real… as in products that actually work.  With nul, you will achieve this balance, without water, plastic, toxins or any nonsense. Depending on your skin and hair type or scent preferences, there is a great deal of research put into which pure ingredients will provide your desired results. The usual suspects such as essential oils and botanicals from lavender, chamomile and rose are present…but nul also keeps a close eye on its supply chain. For example, have you heard of mica? It’s a natural mineral that nul uses for its vibrant colors  “but it’s also notorious for the use of child labor in its mining. This is why we only purchase mica colorants from suppliers who are part of the Responsible Mica Initiative.” -nul.

2. The Selection.Whether for yourself or a girlfriend, nul has a gorgeous variety of soaps, shampoo bars (including one for pets!), solid dishwashing liquid, accessories and gift sets to choose from. The love that is put into the products is visible from the ingredients to the delicate details.

3. The Shampoo. Many of us are still using shampoo encased in a plastic bottle, but did you know that more than 610 million bottles of shampoo are produced and discarded into landfills each year…and each one takes a minimum of 70 years to decompose! That’s a mind-blowing fact. Thank goodness for n̲ul shampoo bars, which are so easy to use, just:

*Wet your hair
*Stroke the bar along the length of your hair, scalp down. If you have long hair, you can stop at chin-level (no need to go all the way to the ends)
*Place the bar to the side (a new shampoo with hanging rope is coming early 2021!) and massage your scalp as you would with liquid shampoo.
*Rinse thoroughly
*Repeat as desired

After learning about hair pH from nul, we simply have to share…did you know that:

The pH of your hair care products is really important. If you expose your acidic hair to an alkali pH (above 7 – like soap), it raises the hair cuticle which makes it look dull, dry, and accelerates color loss in colored hair.


It’s important to look for a shampoo bar with a pH between 4.5-5.5 (like nul’s!). Any lower and you risk irritating your scalp, and any higher and you’ll raise the hair cuticle.


Soap can also react with hard water and leave an alkali residue on your scalp and hair in the form of calcium salt. While an acidic rinse like a vinegar rinse can combat this, a pH-balanced shampoo is a much easier way to get rid of any build-up and ensure it doesn’t come back.

4. The Gifts. What do you get for the lady who has everything? Beautiful soaps are always a welcome surprise because they are useful, enjoyed regularly and do not consume precious space in an already filled home…plus, they can think of you and thank you every time they wash their hands and the gorgeous natural scents are released. Nul soaps are the gift that keep giving and the gifts sets are an easy option with ceramic dish or a safix coconut soap rest completing the lovely presentation.

5. The Founder. Katie is passionate about producing no-nonsense products as well as giving back with her company, nul. Katie lives in Meilen, Zürich with her husband (and co-founder) and dog Harry (the inspiration for the Pup dog shampoo!). She comes from New Zealand, has worked in technology marketing for the past 10 years and has an MBA. But she decided to pursue a different route rather than continuing down the corporate track. With a passion for green chemistry-based natural cosmetics, she was tired of seeing companies “greenwashing” the personal and household care industry (lots of shallow marketing claims, little action!)…so she decided to challenge the status quo when she founded nul this year during the Corona virus pandemic. A not-just-for-profit company, Katie has also instilled a culture of giving back at nul. For example, she is donating CHF 10,000 worth of soap to the Swiss Red Cross this Christmas, as well as 20% of every Viktor soap sold. She also gives 1% every order to environmental charities as a member of 1% for the Planet.

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