Advent Calendar: Day 24

Enter to WIN: Ayurvedic Community Dinner with the NEW Sattva Yoga.

Top 5 reasons we love the NEW Sattva Yoga, Ayurveda & Plant Based Kitchen…

1. The Philosophy. This boutique space opening January 2020 is a sacred home away from home where everyone is welcome to explore your own unknown. This studio is not about performance, pressure or looking like you have it all together. This space is dedicated to personal growth, healthy expansion and feeling uplifted from the inside out…leading you to levels of strength you never knew existed within. Here, you are invited to join any class or group event based on the principles of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and a wholesome plant-based diet.

2. The Food. Win our heart via our belly! The vegan and Ayurvedic cooking classes and community dinners are not only delicious, they are eye-opening, entertaining and educational. Everyone is welcome and there is no set price for dinner. Feel free to leave a donation at the door, and pay what you can afford. While the going rate of such dinner would be approximately CHF 40 per person, the team at Sattva will help nourish you based on your budget and desire to learn more about healthy living in this warm and supportive environment.

3. The Community Dinners. Held monthly, the community dinners are dedicated to welcome you into the world of Ayurvedic cuisine. Here, you will enjoy a meal without having to help cook it yourself! You are invited to discover the variety of the plant-based diet and the exotic flavors of Indian Ayurvedic cuisine, while exchanging ideas, asking questions and leaving your everyday stress behind.

4. The Classes. At Sattva, we can look forward to their full dynamic schedule of yoga classes, cooking classes and community events. The team is busy installing new floors, polishing their schedule, taking professional photos and getting ready to open their doors to the public this January 2020! Many of the classes sell out, so have a look at the schedule and reserve your spot in advance.

5. The Founders. The team behind Sattva believe that a cruelty-free plant-based diet is an essentially integrated part of yoga and should not be considered separate. The founders have a history of living a plant-based lifestyle, sharing their love for healthy living: Martin has been teaching classes with his vegan cooking school, and Alexandra has been an active yoga teacher for years and now they are combing these two things they are passionate about. They have created a space to self-reflect and rest, a place of serenity, clarity, and strength. They are convinced that integrating all of these training fields leads towards balance, satisfaction and clarity “Sattva“… and you are welcome with open arms to come check it out!


Grand Prize: 2 x 2 invitations to join an upcoming Ayurvedic Dinner with Sattva Yoga. Value is CHF 40 per person. Not valid for cash value or exchange.


Sattva Yoga & Ayurvedia Plant Based Kitchen
Erlachstrasse 26, 8003 Zurich (map)
Tel: +41 77 445 10 18 . Website


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