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Advent Calendar: Day 23

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 10, 2020

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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love wemakeit.com…

1. The Collective. It takes a community to make magic happen and ideas are easy to come by, but action takes great risk that can garner great rewards. Over the past ten years, crowdfunding has become a popular way for projects to collect financial help. It is now an integral part of how the public supports artists and entrepreneurs. Many initiatives that would otherwise never have come to fruition were made possible through generous support from family, friends and complete strangers.

Do you have a burning passion that you would like to seek funding for? Start your Crowdfunding Campaign here.

2. The Results. We love a good success story and just two years ago bee rescuers Pascal and Willi Brunner, co-founders of Vatorex, raised over 60,000 francs in just five days for their project “Save the Bees“. Pascal always wanted to be a superhero, so he started to save the bees which have been threatened with extinction mainly due to the varroa mite – a parasite that settles on bees and destroys entire colonies. They fight the varroa mite naturally with a unique heated coil that warms the hive to 41ºC, destroying the parasite without harming the bees. Thanks to their successful wemakeit campaign they have grown the company to welcome customers in 14 countries and just this year they received funding of 1.6 million euro from the EU to foster collaboration with professional beekeepers. What a success!

3. The Creativity. It is not just artists and entrepreneurs that have all the fun…scientists do too! With the wemakeit Science Booster channel launched 3 years ago, more than 1 Million Swiss francs has been raised to help scientists turn their unconventional ideas into reality. The very first project to launch was in February 2017. It was modest in size, but it set the tone: 18-year old high school student Chiara raised a little over CHF 1’500.- for her thesis from about thirty of her acquaintances, to study the potential of urban gardening in the city of Luzern. Since then, university professors, science educators and passionate amateurs joined the crowd, leading to an astonishing diversity of people behind each project.

4. The Support. To date, 400’599 supporters have financed over 4’814 projects with 63.3 million Swiss francs. Dreams do come true with the right vision, marketing message and community support. There are 3 wemakeit promotion and coaching packages to choose from where you can not only benefit from the reach of the largest Swiss crowdfunding platform, but also receive expert advice from professionals. Use the discount code PRO-COMBO to get 20% off the Promotion Package Medium.

5. The Team. Founded in 2012 by Rea Eggli, communication consultant, artist Johannes Gees and interaction designer Jürg Lehni, these “makers” grew wemakeit into one of the largest crowdfunding platforms inEurope within a very short time. With offices in Zurich and Lausanne, with additional presence in Vienna and Bellinzona, the wemakeit team speaks four languages (English, German, French and Italian) allowing them to successfully help fund your project!


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