Advent Calendar: Day 22

Enter to WIN: A Lalique Fine Crystal Votive

Top 5 Reasons we Love this Lalique Gift…

1. This Votive. It was originally created by René Lalique in 1933 in clear glass and today it has been remastered into a modern fine art piece to add a touch of glamour to your home.

2. The Color. Designed in ‘gold luster’ crystal, and handcrafted in France, this votive is a lovely gift that is sparkling and hypnotic.

3. The History. Lalique Lalique is a French glassmaker, founded in 1888 and is the ultimate symbol of French luxury for crystal and decorative items, including grand home décor statement pieces.

4. The Elegance. This votive represents casual elegance that will fit in with any home décor. Whether you choose to place it at your desk, beside your bed or as a flicker of light on your dining table, there is a home for this little gem to brighten your day.

5. The Addiction. If you do not already own a piece of this fine French crystal, this votive will inspire you to visit the boutique in Zurich to discover the world of Lalique. It is a beautiful store to marvel at all the options you can dream to incorporate into your own home and it is the perfect location to find a gift for that special someone on your list. There is an option at all price ranges that will guarantee a smile of appreciation for years to come.

Grand Prize
A Lalique Mossi Fine Crystal Votive in Gold Luster. Cannot be exchanged for cash value.

LALIQUE – Zurich
Talstrasse 27, 8001 Zürich (map)
Tel: +41 44 212 02 22 . Website

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