Advent Calendar: Day 2

Enter to WIN: 30 Professional Watercolor Pencils from Farber-Castell

Top 5 Reasons we Love the Albrecht Dürer artist watercolor pencils by Farber-Castell…

1. The History. Founded in 1761, Farber-Castell produces more than 2 billion lead and colored pencils per year. Therefore, the marriage between a renowned German artist and the more than 250 years of experience from Farber-Castell would inspire professional and inspired artists alike.

2. The Quality. High-quality and eco-friendly materials ensure that these watercolor crayons are unsurpassed in their luminosity and watercolor. With just a few brushstrokes, the application of paint can subsequently be fine-grained or flat, revealing its full, unique color power. Depending on the paper used, the paint application can be completely dissolved and then behaves like the classic watercolor paint.

3. The Colored Pencils. Albrecht Dürer artist watercolor pencils allow the artist a versatile way of expression in drawing, painting and watercolor. The 30 colors included within the vegan leather roll are bright, cheerful and easily sharpened to a fine point.

4. The Shape. Did you know that wooden pencils used to be round, but with just a slight nudge they would roll off the table…therefore, Farber-Castell changed the shape to the classic hexagonal shape we know today.

5. The Case. All 30 colors and a water tank brush with a 6ml capacity is delicately rolled in a vegan leather case that makes artistic expression effortless on the go. Perfect for travel, adult coloring…and even to help keep the kids entertained on long trips!

Grand Prize. 30 Albrecht Dürer artist watercolor pencils by Farber-Castell in a vegan leather roll. The gift will be sent via B-Post to the winner’s address provided. No cash value or exchange is possible.

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