Advent Calendar: Day 11

Enter to WIN: BoOon Box Korean Skincare Gift Basket!

Top 5 Reasons we Love BoOon Box…

1. One-Stop Shop. The English language website showcases the bestselling skincare products by housing 45 of the most popular Korean brands shipped straight from South Korea. Get all your skincare needs in 1 click! 

2. Trendy for a Reason. K-Beauty is all the rage these days but there’s a good reason for that. The motto behind it is that having beautiful skin is more a priority than hiding flaws through makeup. The culture teaches skin care from a young age and is continuously discovering new, natural ingredients to incorporate.

3. Online Process. In Person Feeling. Although you can’t walk in the shop, you feel like you know the owner, Jodethe. She hand writes thank you notes, individually wraps each product and if you live close by she welcomes you to her warehouse for product pick-up.

4. Don’t Break the Bank. BoOon Box offers monthly promotions and sends free samples with each purchase.

5. Girl on Fire! Jodethe, originally from the Philippines, created the entire business and website during the wee hours of the night while caring for her baby. She’s researched, tested and sweated over what to sell and how best to help her customers. She’s passionate, creative and we admire her dedication.

Grand Prize

BoOon Box Gift Basket including 8x sheetmasks, 1x eye patch, 1x face roller/massage, 1x face cleanser, 1x lash serum, 1x lip gloss, 1x toner and a sample kit, 1x eco sling bag, 1x face mist, 1x lip scrub

BoOonBox Website

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