Advent Calendar: Day 1

Enter to WIN: Fondue for 2 at Chalet Züriberg!

Top 5 Reasons we Love Chalet Züriberg…

1. Farm-Fresh Ingredients. Cheese fondue and fondue chinoise are the centerpiece of this culinary adventure and the “oh so yummy” ingredients come directly from a local butcher and farm.  You can thank Zurich’s Ziegler Butcher for the meats and Embrach’s family run, HOF Guldenberg for the cheese.  Their cows are fed potatoes and milked without milking machines ensuring high-quality deliciousness. 

2. It’s Coziness. The Chalet peaks out over the city making you feel closer to the star-lit mountains than the bustling Bahnhofstrasse. The fire crackles over fresh wood, cheese drips off fondue forks and candle-lit toasts are made as friends and family gather around long wooden tables and heart-back chairs.

3. The Perfect Party Spot. Girls Night? Office Bonding? Family Reunion? The Chalet Züriberg is classic with its Swiss experience, exclusive with it’s tick-tocking pop-up style opening dates (only through January) and ideal with long tables easily combined for large parties.

4. All Good Things Come to an End. The cheese heaven closes on the 31st of January so gather the friends and pick a weekend rendezvous soon. We hear many dates are already booked out!

5. The Art Nouveau Romance.  Keep the romance sparkling by slipping next door and right into a cozy bed at the Sorell Hotel Zürichberg. The “Red Nose Starter Kit” includes pajamas, a toothbrush and a hearty breakfast buffet. 

Grand Prize

Voucher for 2 people including food & drinks at the Chalet Züriberg. The voucher is valid for dinner through 31 January 2019. Reservations required.

Chalet Züriberg

Orellistrasse 21, 8044 Zürich (map)

+41 44 268 35 35 | Chalet Züriberg Website

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