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Top 5 Reasons we Love LA Brea SoCal Tacos…

1. The Tacos. For anyone who loves authentic tacos, you know they are difficult to find in Zurich…either the tortilla or the ingredients are not quite right. Well, our spicy prayers have been ansered and LA Brea SoCal tacos officially opened their doors as of 29 November 2019. The basis of any great taco lies in a fantastic tortilla, a delicious protein and an incredible salsa. Here you will find flavorful, nixtamal tacos (produced in Zurich) perfectly stuffed with well-marinated and high-quality ingredients. For those dining in the restaurant, you will feel vibes that are beautiful marriage of Venice meets Palm Springs and the sauces on the table will add just as much heat as your heart desires.

2. The Roots. La Brea is a 21 mile street that served as the old highway for Californian’s driving anywhere between the Santa Monica coast and downtown LA. Rich in diverse ethnic communities, iconic hole-in-the-wall restaurants and many popular food trucks along the way, there is a heartbeat to be found within this slice of dirty paradise paying homage to Southern California…otherwise known as “SoCal”. Complete with it’s love for a laid back way of life you will find a taste of California’s Mexican influence in Switzerland’s LA Brea SoCal tacos. The menu is unique to Switzerland…not sure what to order? Go with a mixed plate…sharing is caring (about tasting everything because it’s all so good!).

3. The Huevos. Heuvos Suizos that is. A spin on the Mexican classic “Heuvos Rancheros” a staple breakfast dish for ranchers and tourists alike. It’s all in the sauce….at LA Brea you will find them complete with tortilla chips marinated with red enchilada sauce, plant-based chorizo, topped with a fried egg and feta. Hearty and delicious.

4. The Fusion. From Lebanese Falafel to Korean crispy tacos with kimchi, there is a world to explore via the LA Brea foodie highway. The menu offers so much more beyond traditional tacos with Mexican influence, but also fusion-inspired combinations that tap into North Indian, South Korean and Middle Eastern flavor profiles along with seasonal favorites, such as the pumpkin mole.

5. The Team. From the owners behind The Bite (2013), Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar (2015) and Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken (2017) comes their fourth and latest restaurant concept, LA Brea SoCal Tacos. Thomas, Stephan and Kirtanya von Matt, are family members who entered the gastronomy scene in Zurich with The Bite and have been contributing an American influence ever since. What we love most is that they care about authenticity and do intensive research prior to opening a new location…LA Brea consisted of a lengthy research trip that took them down to Mexico City from Los Angeles for authentic courses that ensured their salsas and sauces are perfected down to the sweet and fiery levels that compliment their menu.

Grand Prize. A CHF 50 Gift Voucher for LA Brea SoCal Tacos. The voucher is redeemable at this restaurant only. The amount is non-refundable, no cashback if amount not used in full.

LA Brea SoCal Tacos
Josefstrasse 59, 8005 Zurich (map)
Tel: +41 44 311 2020 . LA Brea SoCal Tacos Website

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